Everything you need to know about Dorien Wilson, from her wiki to her career to her ex-wife to gay rumors.


Dorien Wilson was the subject of a flurry of LGBT allegations after comedian Katt Williams made a simple misstep.

Dorien Wilson portrayed Eddie Charles, a real Casanova who slept with several women while avoiding long-term relationships, in one of the most popular shows of the 1990s, Dream On (1990-96). The actor, who is a perfect family man in real life, was clearly stretched for the role.

He married Joann, a lady he had two children with, while he was only 22 years old.

Despite this, the father of two was supposed to be gay at one point. How and why was a married man caught up in such rumours? Aside from that, unsubstantiated rumors indicate that the actor and his long-time partner Joann have split up.

Is it all true, though? Continue reading to learn more about Dorien’s family, his marriage, and the origin of the gay rumor.

Dorien and his wife are said to have split up, however their Instagram account contradicts this.

According to a story in the Los Angeles Times, the Dream On star met his wife Joann in sixth grade at a California school in Lompoc. Although the actual date and circumstances of their romance are unknown, the pair wasted no time in formally establishing their relationship. They married in 1986, when Dorien was only 22 years old.

Joann and the Parkers actor have two children, Sarita and Devin. Both are now adults, with Sarita already engaged to Danny Shabtai and Devin dating Aishaah.

His daughter wished him a happy father’s day on Instagram on June 20, 2021.

The rumour of the married couple’s divorce has been circulating since 2018.

The details of their divorce, on the other hand, are largely unknown, to the point where the validity of the divorce can be questioned.

Several news agencies have reported on their supposed separation, although the actual date of their alleged divorce is unknown. Their Instagram page, on the other hand, appears to be portraying a positive message. Despite their separation, they have the greatest love and respect for one another.

Joan posted a photo on Instagram with the American actor on March 18, 2021, marking their St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

Joann occasionally posts throwbacks like these. She shared an old photo from the 1990s with her boyfriend and daughter Sarita Faye in March of 2019.

She just shared a heartfelt message for their wonderful kid on the occasion of her birthday.

She also tagged Dorien in the post at the same time.

According to the Instagram posts, the two continue to have a friendly relationship.

Despite his marriage and children, Dorien was rumored to be gay

How did the Dream On actor become embroiled in gay rumors despite being married to a woman?

Professor Oglevee was one of the men kissing, according to comedian Katt Williams, who claimed to have seen two men kissing in a stand-up comedy event.

The fact that the sitcom regular played Professor Oglevee in The Parkers sparked debate over the real-life actor’s sexual orientation. Katt, on the other hand, was referring to Professor Ogleeve as a character, not the actor who played him.

Further fuelling the speculations, the CableACE Award candidate was once in a play that examined the difficulty of breaking the silence about being gay.

These theories, on the other hand, are all unfounded and untrue.