Do you know Who is Farm Girl Jen?

Farm Girl Jen was born in the United States on July 20, 1966, and is a Cancerian with American citizenship. She is well-known for her YouTube channel, where she posts films about her daily life on her farm.

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Farm Girl Jen: Early Life and Family

Jen is a little private about her love life, although some elements are known because she has mentioned them in her videos.

Jen spent her entire childhood on a farm, which is why she knows how to do everything; she was homeschooled until the age of 14, at which point she enrolled in high school.

It was strange for her because she had never attended elementary school and was not used to being around other children. Her peers weren’t very polite to her and bullied her because she was a country girl, but Jen was too powerful to let them get away with it. She truly enjoyed studying and graduated from high school with honors.

Education Details

Jen enrolled at Tulane University Business School after graduating from high school in the 1980s and earned a bachelor’s degree, but she continued to work on her farm and only subsequently began her own modest business.

Farm Girl Jen Dating Life (Relationship)

Jen is more or less covert when it comes to her personal life, although some aspects related to it are still known thanks to her YouTube videos.

Jen is married to her other half, Jay, who goes by the internet handle Exoman. They met at college and were best friends at first as Jen was already dating a boy whom she met in high school.

When the two split up and Jen needed support, Jay was there, and their relationship quickly began – they began dating in 1985, while both were in their second year of studies, and have been together ever since (34 years and counting). Jen was just 22 when they married in 1988, and it is said that they opted to exchange wedding vows because Jen was pregnant with their son, although this has not been confirmed.

They are the parents of two grown children, a son and a daughter, who no longer reside with them. Jen hasn’t talked about her previous relationship since she doesn’t want to make him jealous, and it was a long time ago – she is now married to Jay, her first marriage, and they have two children.

Farm Girl Jen’s net wealth and earnings

Jen is 53 years old right now. Her hair is long and brown, and her eyes are brown, but her height and weight are unknown. Although she admires tattoos on others, she has never had one herself since she is terrified of needles. Her current net worth is estimated to be more than $400,000, and it is rapidly increasing owing to her YouTube channel, where she earns around $100,000 every year.

Professional Career

Jen’s online career began when she was around 40 years old, when she and her husband launched their YouTube channel, “Banshee Moon,” on September 24, 2007, and it now has nearly 600,000 subscribers, as well as more than 256 million views of all her videos combined.

Jen’s channel got popular because of her muscular shape and good appearance, which lead people to believe she is not over 50. She started working out in her twenties and went to the gym virtually every day of the week.

However, she didn’t start practicing CrossFit and heavy weight lifting until she was 43 years old – her great beauty and popularity have even led the popular “Maxim” magazine to write about her.

Jen mainly uploads amusing and fascinating content to her channel, such as shooting firearms, chainsawing trees, driving really fast automobiles, pulling tractors, and traveling over the United States. She does all there is to do on a farm, mostly in a bikini, and frequently includes her spouse in her films.

Jen also has her own small business, but it’s unclear what she’s working on or in what field – she appears to be mostly focused on making videos for her YouTube channel rather than anything else. Her most popular video, “49-year-old Farm Girl Playing on the River in her Boat and not catching any fish while fly fishing,” has been viewed over 15 million times in the last three years.

Interests and hobbies

Jen enjoys physical activity, and her muscular frame and fit figure have helped her gain popularity on the internet. She’s been going to the gym for over 30 years, but she didn’t start working out seriously until ten years ago. She enjoys a variety of sports and activities, such as shooting with a gun, shooting with a bow, pulling her tractor, performing pull-ups and other workouts in her garden, and anything that keeps her from sitting and doing nothing.

Jen’s favorite passion is traveling, and she and her husband have traveled throughout the United States. She is an animal lover, and she has a puppy with her wherever she goes.

Jen, being as healthy and attractive as she is, must lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily most of the time; yet, she enjoys trying new foods and thus frequently cheats on her diet; she makes up for this by going to the gym.

Jen, above all, enjoys making her admirers happy, and her objective is to make their days a little brighter, while she also appreciates the attention she receives online. Her admirers also like her since she frequently assists ladies and girls who want to exercise by providing advice on workout routines and diet.

She has never sought money to assist someone and has mentioned that she is doing it because living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to both the body and the soul.

How Tall is Farm Girl Jen? Weight, Hair Color

She also earns money through Patreon, where she has 248 patrons who contribute several hundred dollars per month.

Social media

Jen is quite active on various big social media platforms since it is critical for her online career to maintain a positive image across multiple platforms. She started her Twitter account in September 2014, and she already has over 8,000 followers and has tweeted over 830 times.

Jen’s Instagram account is currently followed by nearly 50,000 people, and she’s uploaded over 730 photos to it. She also has a Facebook page, which has over 32,000 fans.

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