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Freddy Maugatai

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Freddy was involved in a pub altercation with a couple in late 2017, during which he fought a man and put him in a headlock. When that other man’s lady intervened, Freddy slammed her away, wounding her as well. The couple filed charges against the Samoan, and he was arrested on December 19th, barely three days after their dispute. When asked about the event, Freddy said it was in self-defense. So, Freddy isn’t dead; he’s very much alive and well, and he’s lately returned to the ships and the award-winning reality show.

Freddy Maugatai Wiki

Freddy grew up in American Samoa, where fishing, particularly tuna fishing, is a major industry. It’s crab fishing on “Deadliest Catch,” something Freddy wasn’t introduced to until later in life. While honing his fishing skills, he would become acquainted with Samoan prayers to the fishing Gods that would assist him in catching more fish. Freddy improved his fishing skills over time, eventually becoming the skipper of multiple fishing boats.


He first appeared on the show in 2008 as a deckhand on the ship Cornelia Marie, but he quickly switched boats and became a deckhand on Wizard, where he stayed for several years, steadily making a name for himself and earning the respect of both the captain and the youthful crew. However, Freddy got a little carried away drinking too much before the boar traveled to Alaskan waters, and therefore missed the huge catch. Because Freddy was responsible for this sad situation, the captain of the ship sacked him. Nonetheless, Freddy’s career on “Deadliest Catch” was not over.

Net Worth

Freddy has gone through a lot of changes and tribulations since beginning his profession, but maybe the new experience will offer stability to his career. Regardless, Freddy has been able to profit from his dedication and hard work, so have you ever wondered how wealthy Freddy Maugatai is as of mid-2018? According to credible sources, Maugatai’s net worth could be as high as $5 million. Don’t you think it’s quite impressive? I suppose the fishing Gods answered his prayers.

Relationship Status

Freddy is quite open about his personal life, sharing his most private information with his devoted admirers. He is married to Amanda Young and they have two children. Freddy spends his time away from the ship with his family in San Diego, California.

Social Media

Freddy has also gained traction on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. His official Instagram page has nearly 1,500 followers, with whom he has shared photos of himself and his family, and he can also be found on Facebook, where he has over 6,500 followers, with his Facebook page focusing on his personal interests rather than his career, as he has shared photos of boxing events such as the fight between Antony Joshua and Joseph Parker, among other interests. He also paid tribute to Hannes M. Huswick, a comrade from the ship Saga who died in 2017.

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