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Net Worth: $700,000

Gianna Distenca

Gianna Abbigail Distenca was born on May 15, 1989, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, under the sign of Taurus and with American nationality. She is an actress most recognized for her role in the music video “Stacy’s Mom.”

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Gianna Distenca: Early Life and Family

Gianna has been out of the public eye for the past 15 years, and before that, little is known about her parents or her early years. She is claimed to have spent her childhood in numerous locations, including Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, and California.

Education Details

She completed high school in the United States before enrolling in the SACI university in Florence, Italy, where she studied how to make sculptures and had the opportunity to work with marble.

She stated that after only a few months in Italy, she returned to the United States and began attending university in Colorado, where she studied liberal arts. But she quickly transferred to another university, and then to the San Francisco Art Institute, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture.

Gianna Distenca’s Relationship

Gianna is described as a peacemaker and a naturally calm person. She is considered to be quite pleasant and constantly willing to assist friends, relatives, and even strangers. Gianna Distenca enjoys music and poetry and claims to be able to discover beauty in everything. She is supposed to be a healer because she performs massages, acupuncture, and physical therapy.

Gianna changed her last name to Dispenza after moving to Beirut, according to rumors, but this was never proven.

Gianna Distenca Net Worth 2023

According to credible sources, Gianna’s net worth is estimated to be less than $300,000 and is unlikely to improve because Gianna has retired from the film and music industries for good, however, her artistic abilities may lead to a new career.

Professional Career

Gianna’s acting career has few credits, thus there isn’t much to say about it. Her first television appearance was in the 1999 short documentary music-related TV series “Making the Video,” which included Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Dave Meyers, and others. Following that, in 2003, she participated in the Fountains of Wayne band’s song video “Fountains of Wayne: Stacy’s Mom,” which made her relatively famous – the video is about a young boy whom Stacy (Gianna) invites to her home, but the kid is more interested in her mother than in her.

Gianna’s most recent public appearance was in the short animated video “Senor Crab,” which is only 11 minutes long and about a crab that finds a very expensive diamond that was lost at sea and now wants to cash it in – Gianna contributed her voice to the Yay Bear character.

Gianna was thought to be residing in Beirut, Lebanon, after leaving the United States in 2013, but she appears to have moved to London since she had her art display on 17 January 2019 – she appears to have left the film and music industries for good, and is now working as an artist, painting and sculpting. Gianna was the Director at Rubber Diamond Gallery while living in California, and she worked with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Beirut called Unite Lebanon Youth Project – ULYP.

The song video that made her famous

The pop rock song “Stacey’s Mom” was recorded by Fountains of Wayne and was included on their third album, “Welcome Interstate Managers.” It was the first broadcast on radio on 20 May 2003, while its video was being shot, and became the album’s debut single on 29 September 2003 – the song was written by the band’s bassist Adam Schlesinger and vocalist Chris Collingwood. Schlesinger got the idea for the song from a friend who had a crush on his grandmother.

Back then, the song was a huge hit, and it felt like everyone was listening to it – it peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was the band’s biggest hit. The song was also popular in Ireland, where it was ranked among the top ten songs; it was also ranked among the top twenty songs in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, selling over half a million copies and receiving a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), as well as a Grammy Award nomination for Best Vocal Pop Performance, though it did not win.

Rachel Hunter is Stacey’s mother.

Stacey’s mother was played by New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter in the music video that made them both famous. She was born in 1969 and managed to appear on the covers of numerous major magazines over her career, including “Vogue,” “Elle,” “Rolling Stone,” “Playboy,” and “Cosmopolitan.” She was married to Rod Stewart, a British rock singer, and songwriter, from 1990 to 2006, and the couple has two children together.

Rachel has her website-blog because she has been traveling for a long time – she is believed to have visited more than 15 countries on her ‘Tour of Beauty,’ and her blog postings can be seen on her website.

Gianna Distenca Height & Weight

Gianna was 13 when she starred in the music video that made her famous, and she is now 29 years old. Her hair is long and blonde, and her eyes are blue, but her height and weight are unknown.

Social media

Gianna used to be highly active on her social media sites, however, her Instagram account has been suspended for an unknown period. She has a Twitter account that she started in February 2015 and has over 200 followers despite only tweeting about 15 times. She also has a Facebook page, where she has over 1,200 fans.

Gianna also has her website, which appears to be more of a portfolio – you can see her paintings, sculptures, and sketches, and you can contact her if you have any questions or want to purchase one of her works.

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