Guy Penrod, a gospel musician, had to cancel four solo gigs owing to a cardiac operation

Guy Penrod had been experiencing chest trouble since August of 2012. Following the event, the singer had to have a heart stent treatment in order to properly recover.

Guy Penrod, a 57-year-old gospel music performer, had been suffering from chest trouble since August 2012. Following the event, the singer had to have a heart stent treatment in order to properly recover.

The word of his health swiftly spread, causing confusion among his followers, as many assumed Penrod had suffered a heart attack when it was actually just chest soreness.

In June 2020, one perplexed fan took to Twitter, noting Gaither Music [of which Penrod is a member] and inquiring if the report of Penrod’s heart attack was true.

“I heard that Guy Penrod had a heart attack. Is this true? I don’t see anything online.”

There has been no official announcement or information that the singer has ever had a heart attack. As a result, the story is completely false.

Furthermore, Gaither Music’s official Facebook account posted a statement on August 21, 2012, stating that Penrod underwent a regular cardiac treatment that week and was healing well.

Screenshot: Guy Penrod suffered from chest pain in 2012, confirmed by Gaither Music. (Photo: Facebook)

The singer’s four solo concert dates have been postponed, according to the post, and the rescheduled dates will be revealed as soon as the scheduling revisions are confirmed.

The whole statement was as follows:

“Our dear friend, Guy Penrod, had to postpone four solo concert dates due to a routine heart procedure he underwent this week. The procedure went beautifully, and he is recovering nicely, but he will need to allow himself a couple weeks off the road to fully recuperate. He will announce the rescheduled concert dates as soon as those schedule changes have been finalized.”

Fast forward to February 2021, and Penrod is in excellent condition, with no evidence of heart or chest problems.

He is married to Angie Clark, whom he met while at Liberty University, and they have eight children and three grandchildren together.

The gospel singer was born to a pastor and grew up in Texas before moving to New Mexico. At Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, he studied music and vocal performance.

In addition, he worked as a university spokesperson by traveling and singing on weekends.

As a result, he obtained valuable singing and ministry experience as well as a Bachelor’s degree at the end of his time at the university.

Penrod went on to work as a music instructor at a Christian school in Atlanta, Georgia, after that. He quickly made a name for himself as a prominent studio session vocalist before joining the Gaither Vocal Band in 1994.

As the band’s lead singer, he has now become a powerful presence in the group. The singer’s relationship with the band is still going strong.

‘Southern Classics, Vol. 2,’ ‘Loving God & Loving Each Other,’ ‘God Is Good,’ ‘The Best Of The GVB,’ ‘Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style,’ and ‘Reunion,’ among others, are among his memorable songs with the Gaither Vocal Band.’