Is Aceu, a Twitch star, dating another streamer?

Aceu, one of the most popular Twitch streamers, was dating Allison, another Twitch streamer. However, there are rumors that Aceu is now dating Daphne AKA 39daph, another Twitch streamer.

Aceu, a Twitch streamer born Brandon Winn, is one of the most well-known figures in the online gaming community. Fans are interested in learning more about his personal life, particularly in regards to his love life.

Is Daph39’s “Missus” Daph39’s?

Aceu has streamed online games and collaborated with co-streamer 39daph on multiple YouTube videos. She’s a Twitch celebrity from Canada who’s known for her digital artworks of anime-inspired art streams.
The chemistry between them was effortlessly adorable whenever they streamed together, leading to speculation that the two were dating.
While some followers assumed the two were merely close friends, others were certain the Twitch streamers were genuinely dating.

One member on Reddit’s r/39daph forum suggested that the streamers would make a nice couple and that their friendship would help them both professionally.

Aceu and 39daph (Source: YouTube)

Aceu referred to Daph as his “missus” in one of his streams, reigniting the rumor mill. When Aceu said, “The missus is asleep,” 39daph was in the other room. Not just his followers, but also his co-workers were taken aback by the news.
Because none of them has responded to the rumors, nothing can be confirmed just yet.

Allison was Aceu’s ‘Best Girlfriend Ever.’

Aceu keeps his personal life private, however he did once post on social media about his then-girlfriend Allison.

Aceu sent Allison a nice tweet in July 2018 in response to a pair of selfies she posted on Twitter.

“let’s talk about how beautiful my girlfriend is — brandon (@acesu) July 10, 2018 “

When he gave Allison a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses that she desired, she hailed him the “greatest lover ever.” “I’ve wanted these glasses since I saw them, thank you to the finest boyfriend ever,” she tweeted in September 2019.

Aceu said, “Only the best for the best girlfriend ever.”

After that, the couple didn’t post anything romantic on social media, so it’s unknown if they’re still together. Allison last posted a photo of the two of them in January 2020, describing Aceu as her “best friend.”

“I’ll always have your back, and you’ll always be my best friend,” Allison captioned a lovely black-and-white photo she published.

Neither of them has publicly stated that they are no longer together.