Is Doc Rivers and His Wife Still Married? An Inquiry into His Family

Doc Rivers, the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, is also a Curry family member.

Glenn Anton Rivers, better known as Doc Rivers, an American basketball coach and former player, had been married to his college sweetheart Kristen Campion since 1986.
When Rivers was a freshman at university in 1979, they met.

They had an instant bond and began dating soon after. However, because they married at a time when interracial partnerships were frowned upon, their union was highly ridiculed.
Doc Rivers and his wife bravely dealt with the harassment and racist hatred they encountered and married.

Doc Rivers: Is He Still Married?

However, in January 2020, the Los Angeles Clippers’ head coach was accused of infidelity.

Rivers was said to be on a dinner date with a mysterious brunette in West Hollywood’s San Vicente Bungalow. As they waited for the valet, the woman rested her head on his shoulder and he affectionately wrapped his arm around her waist.
Rivers and Campion have not responded to the accusations, but it has been claimed that the two have been separated for the past five years and are currently going through a divorce.

Rivers and His Sons

Is Doc Rivers married or not? The pair has yet to make an official statement on the matter.
Rivers and His Sons Rivers and Campion have four children: Jeremiah, Austin, Spencer, and Callie, all of whom are athletes like their father.

Jeremiah, their oldest son, attended Georgetown University and Indiana University before joining the Maine Red Claws of the NBA D-League.
Their second son, Austin, was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers from 2015 to 2018.

While people expected Rivers to have an unique relationship with his son after becoming the first father to coach a kid in the NBA, Austin offered a different picture.

According to ESPN, he stated that his father did not share his life with him outside of sports, and that they only knew each other through basketball.

“People think we have a relationship like every other father and son. We just don’t. That’s because he’s been gone my whole life, and that’s fine. “

Austin was traded to the Washington Wizards and subsequently the Houston Rockets after playing for the Los Angeles Clippers.

He is now a member of the Denver Nuggets. Spencer, River’s third son, played for Winter Park High School and UC Irvine, respectively.

Curry Clan and Rivers

Rivers’ only daughter, Callie, is a volleyball player who attended the University of Florida and went on to play professionally in Europe after graduation.

Rivers’ daughter also brought together two of the NBA’s most famous and prosperous families.

On September 14, 2019, she married Seth Curry, Dell Curry’s son and Stephen Curry’s younger brother, into another prominent basketball family.

Seth is also a professional basketball player who presently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers, where his father-in-law is a coach.

Austin told Undefeated that he was first dubious when he learned that his sister was dating an NBA player. But he was overjoyed when he discovered it was Seth Curry.

“NBA players travel a lot. There is a reputation. You don’t want your sister to get hurt. But when I heard it was Seth, I was relieved because he is one of the guys that act the right way. “