Is Josie Canseco in a relationship? A Look Back at Her Relationships Through the Years

Josie Canseco’s previous relationships are listed below in chronological order.

Jose was a Major League Baseball (MLB) outfielder and designated hitter, while Jessica is a reality TV celebrity and former model.

Josie had the opportunity to ride on her prosperous parents’ coattails, but she is successful in her own right. Her images became viral after she was spotted during Coachella Music Festival in 2015.

She subsequently went on to model for Playboy and Sherri Hill before making her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway debut in 2018. Elite Models and Next Worldwide are her current agencies.

Josie has been in four known partnerships up to this point in her life. Everything you need to know about her love life is right here.

Is anyone dating Josie Canseco?

Canseco does not have a girlfriend right now. She announced her happily single status on June 4, 2021.

A high school romance captured the model’s heart initially. Her bond is now known as “puppy love,” according to her.

Canseco has a long history of public relationships that began in 2015. Mike Stud, Brody Jenner, and Logan Paul have been her boyfriends since then. TikToker Bryce Hall was recently linked to her.

Mike Stud’s Relationship with Josie Canseco

Stud is Canseco’s current and longest known relationship. Stud is a hip-hop recording artist who used to play baseball. For more than three years, the couple was in love. From 2015 to 2019, they had a relationship.

Stud was like a closest friend to the model, she added. She accompanied him on his travels and tours.

Canseco also appeared in a few of his music videos as well as his television show, This is Mike Stud.

Brody Jenner’s Relationship with Josie Canseco

In 2019, Canseco had a brief relationship with Jenner. Jenner is a disc jockey, model, and television personality.

The Hills: New Beginnings and The Princes of Malibu are two of his most well-known works. Jenner is connected to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters and is Caitlyn Jenner’s son.

Canseco was said to be looking for a long-term connection with Jenner. Jenner, on the other hand, refused to be tethered.

Jenner was concentrating on his singing career and wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship. In October of this year, they split up.

Logan Paul’s Relationship with Josie Canseco

Canseco’s most well-known relationship to date was with Logan Paul, a YouTuber and boxer most known for his vlogs, podcast, and boxing battle against the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather.

Their relationship was confirmed by Paul in May of 2020. He stated that he was quarantining his pets, friends, and Josie with him.

The hypotheses, on the other hand, began far earlier. In January 2020, they were photographed holding hands at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Flea Market.

On her closest friend’s podcast, Between Good & Evil, Canseco described her relationship with Paul. Charlotte D’Alessio was the author of this article. She admitted that she had been seeing

Paul for a few months before making it public.

Canseco used to travel to Paul’s place late at night to hang out with him because he was constantly vlogging throughout their relationship’s early stages, according to the model.

They were, however, at opposite ends of the relationship. As a result, in February 2020, they will separate for about a month.

Canseco began appearing on Paul’s vlogs and TikTok after the two talked things out and reconciled. The two went on holidays and sequestered themselves.

For the model, Paul even purchased a horse. Paul’s YouTube channel contains at least 20 vlogs featuring Canseco.

Their relationship was described by the model as two interlocking puzzles. They brought to the partnership attributes that the other person didn’t have.

Unfortunately, in November of 2020, the two separated ways. Paul’s podcast Impaulsive confirmed the breakup. Neither party has given an explanation for their split.

Bryce Hall’s Relationship with Josie Canseco

Canseco was linked to TikTok star Bryce Hall in June 2021, according to speculations.

Addison Rae, a fellow TikToker, had just split up with Hall. He hung around with Canseco after their breakup, leading many to believe they were dating.

On his show, Paul even addressed reports that he and Hall were dating.
The model addressed the rumors on Twitter. She confirmed that she was single and not dating Hall.

She claimed the two were just buddies who helped each other out.