Is Larry Caputo Jr married or unmarried? Inside His Relationship with Leah Munch, His Longtime Girlfriend

Is Larry Caputo Jr. still dating Leah Munch?

Self-described as a “middle” Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo gained fame as a result of her reality show.

Her capacity to converse with the dead allowed her to assist individuals in reconnecting with their loved ones who had passed away. The show followed Theresa as she attempted to reconcile her career and profession from 2011 to 2019.

Long Island Medium shared glimpses of her family life in addition to her readings and spiritual talents. From 1989 to 2018, Theresa was married to Larry Caputo, with whom she has two children, Victoria Caputo and Larry Caputo Jr.

Caputo Jr. has reached adulthood, and this is all we know about him.

Larry Caputo Jr. grew up in a typical family

Long Island Medium demonstrated that the Caputo family was accustomed to living with her mediumship over the course of 14 seasons.

Caputo Jr. said to TLC how his mother’s mediumship was natural to them because they had grown up witnessing it.

His pals were likewise unconcerned by his mother’s abilities; it seemed natural to him and to them. They never made him feel odd, even if they thought it was strange. Theresa would even counsel them on their college choices and relationship prospects.

Regardless, the 29-year-old expressed his pride in his mother and the joy she offered to others via her readings. When questioned if his mother had ever sent him messages from the afterlife, he explained that Theresa only provided him motherly counsel because she rarely gave him medium advise.

Victoria, his younger sister, also spoke about their childhood. Even with all the cameras around them, she demonstrated how unremarkable their upbringing was.

They went to school, hung out with friends, played sports, and spent time with their families, just like any other kid.

She went on to say that the series revealed all that was going on behind the scenes. They were just like any other family: noisy, hilarious, expressive, and wild.

The Long-Term Relationship of Larry Caputo Jr

Since they were both undergraduate students at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, Caputo Jr. has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Leah Munch.

The couple, who have been together for nearly eight years, appeared to be completely in love. The first photograph of them was taken in March of 2012.

His partner appears frequently in his Instagram posts. The couple is always spotted together, from trips to dinner dates.

Is Larry Caputo Jr. married or unmarried?

Although there have been no wedding bells ringing for Caputo Jr., Victoria just married.

Victoria and Michael Mastrandrea tied the wedding on May 22. On Instagram, the Long Island Medium actress posted pieces of her daughter’s bridal shower and wedding.

Despite the fact that Caputo Jr. has not made Munch his wife, he frequently invites her to weddings as his date. Munch has been his wedding date on more than five occasions, as seen by his Instagram. It’s unclear whether Caputo Jr. accompanied Munch to his sister’s wedding.

The couple hasn’t shared a photo of themselves together since 2019, with the most recent one being from Easter, when they spent the holiday with their families.

Caputo Jr. hasn’t uploaded any photos of them since then, and Munch’s Instagram account is empty. As a result, it’s unclear whether they’re still dating or have broken up.