Is Prince Sedona gay? Insights into Her Girlfriend’s Love Life

According to her recent TikTok videos, Oregon Ducks women’s basketball player Sedona Prince is openly homosexual and in a relationship with a girl.

Sedona Prince, a member of the Oregon Ducks women’s basketball team, is openly homosexual and in a relationship with a female. That’s what her TikTok videos suggest, at least.

Girlfriend of the Prince

Only a few days ago, the athlete began posting videos with her new lover, Rylee. Prince referred to her LGBT lover as her “bestest buddy” in a video posted on April 4, 2021.

The netizens were astounded by the lovebirds’ height disparity. “The height difference of something I can never accept even tho I know perfectly well it’s real,” one fan said. “The height difference I can’t y’all,” another person said.

She also shared another viral TikTok video, this time emphasizing the height disparity even more.

In a TikTok video from April 6, the basketball player exposed the new couple’s height disparity.

She added, “By the way, my girlfriend is 4’9 and I’m 6’7.”

The TikToker demonstrated that she couldn’t shower in her short-height partner’s shower because it was too low, even though her head was higher than the height of the tap. Prince couldn’t even fit in the bathtub since it was too small.

The new couple is also participating in a variety of activities together, including a couple of lifting challenges. Despite the fact that the 6’7 player could easily lift her girlfriend, Rylee was unable to lift Prince in nearly every test.

Their fans are enamored with their friendship. “I’m really invested in this relationship,” one person said, while another added, “truly the best couple so thrilled for you two.”

Rylee is also a TikTok content maker with over 75000 followers. On April 5, 2021, the couple released a video on Rylee’s account congratulating her and kissing her on the cheeks to commemorate the couple’s 50000-follower milestone. The lovebirds were seen kissing on the lips in another footage from the day before.

The Internet’s Favorite Prince Moment

After showing the differences between the women’s and men’s weight rooms in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Prince went popular on social media.

The video revealed that the women’s training area only contained six sets of varying-weight dumbbells, whereas the men’s area had a large selection of training racks, barriers, plates, dumbbells, and benches — pretty much everything you’d find in a real gym.

As she showed the weight rooms, she stated, “I got something to show y’all.”

When the photographs of the weight room were posted, the NCAA blamed the lack of equipment on the tight space, according to Prince. However, the video revealed a large room in the women’s area that could be used to store additional equipment.

Lynn Holzman, the NCAA vice president of Women’s Basketball, issued a statement in response to the video’s widespread publicity. She said the organization was striving to increase resources at the practice courts in response to recent criticism about the women’s team’s accommodations. Because of the regulated atmosphere, numerous facilities that teams would typically have access to were not available, according to Holzman. “This is due in part to a lack of room, and the original intention was to enlarge the workout area if more space became available later in the tournament,” she explained.

NCCA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt also apologized to the women’s team’s athletes, coaches, and the whole basketball committee for the weight room controversies, according to a statement provided by The Athletic.

“I apologise and regret anything that falls short of our high standards…. It said, “We’ll have it corrected as quickly as possible.”