Is Shannon Schotter’s husband Julio Macias? We’ve Learned Everything There Is To Know About Their Relationship

Julio Macias has a low profile when it comes to his personal life.


Julio Macias has been in the industry for almost a decade. In 2018, he got his big break when he was cast as Oscar ‘Spooky’ Diaz, a tattooed gang leader in the Netflix series On My Block. Cesar Diaz, one of the show’s characters, is his elder brother.
Spooky was kicked out of his house because he refused to follow in his brother’s footsteps, but by season 3, he was out of the gang life and had a girl and a baby on the way, while Cesar, who was kicked out of his house because he refused to follow in his brother’s footsteps, became the new head of the Santos gang.
The show rapidly became a smash sensation, propelling Macias to celebrity.

Despite the fact that On My Block is about to enter its fourth and final season, Macias has already booked fresh work. Continue reading to find more about what he’s working on, as well as his personal life.

Is Julio Macias married or unmarried?

We all know that actors have to go through bizarre cosmetic transformations, and Macias, who took on the role of Spooky, looks nothing like the character he portrays.
Without the enormous neck and face tattoos, facial hair, and shaved head, the man behind the part is almost unrecognizable.
Fans often make second takes when they see Macias in his everyday appearance on Instagram. The actor maintains his Instagram account professional by posting work images and does not share anything about his personal life.

So, Julio Macias, do you have a wife?

In an interview with Hollywood Life, the actor claimed that his wife grew up in Orange County, despite the fact that he has never spoken about his personal life.
We don’t know much about his marriage, but we do know that he’s been married to Shannon Schotter for ten years.

Unlike Macias, his wife frequently shares images from their dates, vacations, and trips with her husband. Schotter posted on Instagram in 2015 to commemorate their fourth anniversary, stating, “Every day I’m thankful for four years of experiences together!”

Schotter is a makeup and special effects artist with a cosmetology license, as well as a hairstylist. Schotter’s work as a freelance makeup artist spans commercials, film, television, music videos, and web material, with over ten years of expertise.

Pete Astudillo is played by Julio Macias

Macias is most known for his role as Selena Quintanilla’s backup vocalist Pete Astudillo in Netflix’s Selena: The Series. He also has a wife who works in the same field as him and is known as Spooky. Season 2 of the series was launched on Netflix on May 4th.
The Mexican-American actor has commented about how his musical interests helped him connect with one of Selena’s band members, Los Dinos. He said in an interview with People:

“I write music, but I don’t share it. I wasn’t expecting to do so much dancing and I don’t know if I can dance like Pete. “

Macias accepted it as a fun challenge and began working on his two-step at the gym. Because Astudillo was a fantastic dancer, the actor said that he practiced his cumbia while cooking, showering, and waiting in line at the grocery store to make it look natural.