Is there a husband for Barrett Doss? A Look at Her Relationships

Barrett Doss has been dating Austin Durant, an actor, for a few years.

Barrett Doss has been dating Austin Durant for quite some time. Their first shot together was uploaded in 2017, and she still mentions him now and then. On various instances, they have showed their support for one another. It’s unclear whether the two are still dating or whether Durant is her spouse.

Durant, like Doss, is an actor who has been in television shows such as The Good Fight (2018), Succession (2018), and Big Dogs (2018). (2020). He’s also appeared on Broadway in You Can’t Take It With You, Macbeth, and War Horse, among other shows. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, War, Nathan the Wise, and Much Ado About Nothing are some of his other off-Broadway credits.

Doss was raised by two mothers.

Doss had a difficult upbringing. When she was a child, her parents divorced, and she moved in with her mother, Kelly Skalicky. When Doss was six years old, Skalicky came out as a lesbian and eventually married her lover Veronica.

Doss was in a pickle because she had two mothers and was mixed. She talked about her struggles as a child.

“I wouldn’t say it was difficult for me growing up biracial, but in my early years, it was a challenge. What was more challenging was having a gay mom. It was difficult for a period because I only realized that I was being raised differently because other people told me I was being raised differently.”

Doss went on to say that while she didn’t understand what her mother meant when she first came out as a lesbian, she now considers herself fortunate to have learnt such lessons at a young age. While the actress remembers those moments fondly, she also admits to suffering through a phase of self-doubt and identity problem during that time.

Doss, on the other hand, conquered his challenges and gained confidence over time. She thanks her parents with guiding her through those difficult times, particularly her father, Karl Doss, who helped her gain confidence and grow into the woman she is today.

“My dad taught me that if something is meant to happen, then it’ll happen. My dad is incredibly patient and wise. He’s a quiet and reserved man; and very intelligent. He’s also the most compassionate man I know. I think the world of my dad.”

A Professional Life

From a young age, Doss was enamored with acting. She was, nevertheless, as enthusiastic about swimming and other sports. She had aspirations of being a professional swimmer as a child, and had even competed in swimming for eight years.

After meeting Janet Louer, a Chicago-based private acting instructor, Doss shifted her objective from being a professional swimmer to being an actress. Unfortunately, her first attempts at making a living as an actress did not go well, and she even pondered becoming a cheesemonger at one point.

As an understudy, the Station 19 actress made her Broadway debut. Her acting career took off quickly after that, and she even played the lead in Groundhog Day, which received the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical in 2017.

Doss has since appeared on Broadway and in television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Iron Fist. She aspires to be a recording artist and composer in the future, creating original songs.

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