Isobel Yeung Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity, Relationship

Her present net worth is said to be above $500,000.

Isobel Yeung

Do you know Who is Isobel Yeung?

Isobel Yeung, who was born on 2 November 1986 in England and has British citizenship and the zodiac sign of Scorpio, is best known for her work as a journalist, particularly as a correspondent and producer for the HBO news program “Vice.”

Isobel Yeung: Early Life and Family

She is quite private when it comes to her personal life, and she hasn’t given the world many details about her upbringing and adolescence. She hasn’t mentioned her family either, but on February 6, 2018, when her brother established his restaurant in China, she posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram. Her mother was born and reared in England, and her father is of Chinese ancestry, which is all that is currently known about the rest of her family.

Education Details

Since she began watching television in the second grade of elementary school, Isabel has had a passion for journalism. As her interest in news and other programs with reporters and hosts grew over the years, she would turn on the TV when she got home from school and start searching the channels. She was sure that one day she would work as a journalist.

Isobel attended college to study journalism after graduating from high school. She received her degree four years later.

Professional Career

Isobel’s career began as soon as she received her college degree, but she did not begin working there. Instead, she relocated to China and began working there as a reporter while simultaneously producing various programs and working for UK TV networks.

Isobel started working as a correspondent in 2014, but she didn’t become well-known until she started producing HBO’s “Vice” TV show. The show was and continues to be a huge success, and it also gave Isobel some notoriety (she was also nominated for an Emmy Award for her work on the “Vice” series). She focuses mostly on reporting on tales involving the smuggling of migrants out of Libya and the ISIS siege of the Filipino community.

Isobel, who is fiercely protective of everyone’s rights, traveled to Uganda in 2016 to look into the “anti-homosexuality bill” that had just been passed there. According to the legislation, anyone who is found to be homosexual will receive the death penalty.

Isobel has contributed to publications including “The Guardian,” “South China Morning Post,” “The Independent,” and a few more. She also works as a freelance writer full-time, so if you need her services, you can reach her through one of her social media profiles.

The TV show “Vice”

The prominent CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria, who is currently serving as a consultant for the show, and Bill Maher originally developed “Vice” (also written as “VICE”), a documentary TV series that Shane Smith created and hosts. It received an Emmy Award for outstanding informational series or special after the first episode aired on HBO on April 5, 2013, and the second episode aired in 2014.

The third season’s premiere aired on 6 March 2015 after the show was renewed for two more seasons on 7 May 2014 due to its popularity. The show had seven seasons before it was formally canceled on February 1st, 2019.

Isobel Yeung Dating Life (Relationship)

Isobel is one of those intensely private individuals who prefer to keep their private affairs private. Although she rarely speaks about Benjamin Zand in public, it is well known that the two have been dating for a while. When they first met and when they began dating are the only details Isobel has not disclosed about their relationship. In addition, she hasn’t disclosed any of her prior relationships, thus it is unknown if she had any long-term (or short-term) relationships before meeting Benjamin. Isobel finds it challenging to manage relationships due to her job, as she acknowledged herself: “On a more personal level, managing relationships may be challenging.” Finding ways to spend time with my boyfriend, my family, or my friends might be difficult because I travel frequently.

Isobel is now seeing Benjamin Zand, she has never been married, and she is not a parent.

Quick Facts: Benjamin Zand

Benjamin Zand, who shares the same zodiac sign as Isobel and holds British citizenship, was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom, on February 2, 1991. He is both a journalist and a filmmaker who is presently employed by the BBC. Zand produces documentaries for his production firm, “ZANDLAND Films,” as well as for several UK TV channels, including some for BBC Studios.

Zand graduated from Bowring Comprehensive School in Huyton, Merseyside, and then went on to enroll in college. While in college, he started a travel website and got into video production; he made his first documentary, “Tehrangeles,” about Iranians residing in Los Angeles. After finishing his studies, he worked for several production firms. When his work was recognized, he was hired to work as a producer for the BBC World Service on a number of their radio programs, including one of their most well-known shows called “World Have Your Say.” Zand started working as a producer and social media manager for BBC World News a year later.

Zand covered articles regarding South Dakota Native Americans and far-right ultranationalists while he was employed by the BBC. He assisted BBC in several ways, including the development of their mobile bureau known as “BBC Pop Up,” BBC Trending, and Newsbeat’s video offering.

Among Zand’s most well-known documentaries are “Confessions of a Serial Killer,” “Is This Sexual Harassment,” “World’s Most Dangerous Cities with Ben Zand,” and “Trump: A Very British Welcome.” He was voted the Young Talent of the Year at the 2016 Royal Television Society Journalism Awards.

Isobel’s additional hobbies and likes

Isobel’s primary pastime is traveling, therefore the fact that her profession requires her to do it frequently makes it even more interesting. She fights for human rights, and whenever she hears or observes that someone is not being treated fairly, it hurts her. She is a huge animal lover and despises the fact that she doesn’t have the time to care for a pet because she has always wanted a dog as a pet. Isobel enjoys watching a nice movie and listening to calming music at night when she can finally unwind.

How Tall is Isobel Yeung? Weight, Hair Color

Isobel is 32 years old right now. Her weight and height are unknown, however, she has long brown hair and dark eyes.

Isobel Yeung’s Net worth, Earnings

Her present net worth is said to be above $500,000, and according to reliable sources, it is rapidly increasing as a result of her job as a writer. According to some trustworthy sources, Isobel makes about $75,000 a year, though her pay varies depending on how much work she puts in.

Social Media

Isobel is quite active on several well-known social media sites, which is to be expected from a well-known journalist like herself. In the months since she started using Twitter in April 2013, she has amassed more than 36,000 followers and posted roughly 900 tweets. Isobel also runs a Facebook profile that has more than 100 fans and is currently followed by approximately 65,000 people on Instagram, where she has posted more than 250 images.

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