Ivana Batchelor Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

Although she has not disclosed her net worth, we estimate it to be approximately $3 million.

Ivana Batchelor

Ivana Batchelor is a model and beauty pageant winner from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Elizabeth Ivana Batchelor is her full name. She is a well-known and professional model who has won numerous modeling awards. Ivana represented her country at the Miss Grand International 2020 finals, finishing as the second runner-up. She is also the reigning Miss Universe Guatemala 2022.

Early Life, Age, Parents

Ivana Batchelor was born in Quetzaltenango on October 28, 2000. She is a native Spanish and English speaker and translator. Ivana is presently enrolled at Mesoamerican University, where she is studying Communication Science. She is supposed to be in her third year and enthusiastically represents Guatemalan culture at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant.

Ivana Batchelor’s Professional Career

Batchelor earned the title of Miss Grand Guatemala 2020 on March 16, 2020, defeating fellow competition Dannia Guevara. The following year, on March 27th, she represented Guatemala at Miss Grand International 2020. She was in one of the many countries (almost 62 in total) where she finished second runner-up. Ivana was also named one of the three winners of the Best National Costume category.

She was crowned Miss Universe Guatemala 2022 on June 3, 2022; this year (2023), she will represent herself at the Miss Universe pageant in the United States. Ivana was invited to an occasion in the Miguel Carrillo Chamber Theater of the Miguel ngel Asturias Cultural Center after winning the title of Miss Universe Guatemala 2022. She thanked everyone who helped her get to the stage and win the title on the event stage.

She also stated in her speech that she had to overcome many hurdles, tenacity, and discipline throughout her life in order to reach her dreams. Elizabeth Ivana is now the Quetzaltenango Culture Ambassador. She has worked as a translator (in both English and Spanish), pianist, and professional dancer. She is also a co-founder of IB Model Agency, a training agency for aspirant models.

Ivana is extremely proud of her country’s culture and arts, and she hopes that by winning the championships, she would be able to bring her culture to the international stage while also carrying out the goals of spreading kindness. She also encourages people to connect via art, culture, food, music, and weaving, and she hopes that her country will do the same. Ivana is also enthusiastic about mental health and peace, and she works with youth in public schools to prevent such things from happening.

2023 Miss Universe

Ivana will compete in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant on behalf of Guatemala. She says she will never forget the day, January 1, 2023, when she arrived at the La Aurora airport to travel for the United States, and dozens of Guatemalans came to see her off. She was feted with the cadence of a marching band, applause, posters, and media coverage.

The entire populace supported her with love and affection, hoping and praying that she would one day be crowned Miss Universe. The Guatemalan queen was praised and wished her luck in her performances and participation in the future activities. All candidates are slated to go to New Orleans, Louisiana, for the final or last activity on January 14, 2023.

Social Media

Ivana Batchelor may be found on all of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. @ivana.batch and @Ivana Batchelor are her Twitter handles (Elizabeth).

Ivana Batchelor Relationship

She is extremely conservative and rarely discusses her personal life, prior love affairs, or any romantic relationships with anyone in the workplace.

Ivana Batchelor Salary and Net worth

As the winner of the beauty competition, Ivana may get a substantial sum of money. Although she has not disclosed her net worth, we estimate it to be approximately $3 million.

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