Jaelyn Brunson

Jaelyn Brunson

Do you know Who is Jaelyn Brunson?

Jaelyn Brunson is an American social media influencer. Jaelyn Brunson is best known on YouTube as the “Zodiac Queen.” She is also an astrologer, entrepreneur, life coach, vlogger, and spiritual teacher, according to her YouTube bio.

Quick Facts: Jaelyn Brunson

Full Name:Jaelyn Brunson
Age:23 years
Birthday:14 Aug
Birthplace:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Net Worth:$42,000
Profession:Astrologer, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Youtuber, and Spiritual teacher

Jaelyn Brunson: Early Life and Family

Brunson was born on August 14, 1998, and is 22 years old. Jaelyn was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but spent her childhood there. Jaelyn is her parent’s only child, so she has no siblings. There is no information available about her parents or other family members.

Education Details

Jaelyn has yet to reveal any interesting information about her educational journey. Given her age, we can assume she is a bachelor’s level college student unless she decides to take a break or discontinue her studies entirely to focus on her professional career.

Jaelyn Brunson Dating Life (Relationship)

There is no confirmation that Jaelyn Brunson is currently single or in a romantic relationship. Jaelyn may be trying to keep her relationship status and love affairs private. It’s also possible that Jaelyn Brunson is currently single and focusing her efforts on furthering her acting career.

Nonetheless, Jaelyn Brunson has remained tight-lipped about the situation. Jaelyn has also made no social media posts that could be interpreted as indicating her current relationships or affairs.

She has also maintained a clean public profile, free of rumors, scandals, and controversies that could jeopardize her professional and personal life. Jaelyn Brunson’s beauty, talent, wit, and charms, on the other hand, will undoubtedly attract many lovers in the future.

Jaelyn Brunson Net worth, Earnings

Her net worth is estimated to be 42,000 dollars. She has over 200 videos with a total of 9.9 million views. Jaelyn hasn’t posted a new video in months, but she’s still getting 23.2k views and 320 new subscribers every day.

How Tall is Jaelyn Brunson? Weight, Hair Color

Jaelyn Brunson’s exact body measurements are unknown. Jaelyn’s height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, and other measurements are not available at this time. She, too, has dark brown eyes and curly dark brown hair.

Professional Career

  • Jaelyn Brunson is a professional social media influencer. On YouTube, she is best known as @itsbabyj. Storytime vlogs by Jaelyn, such as “Worst Date Ever! He’d abandoned me!” and “How a BABY Catfished Me!”
  • Jaelyn has also been dubbed “The Zodiac Queen.” In her YouTube bio, Jaelyn describes herself as an astrologer, entrepreneur, life coach, YouTuber, and spiritual teacher.
  • She also claims that we will enjoy her channel if we are interested in astrology, numerology, abundance, manifestation, magic, and the law of attraction! She also teaches a course called “AWAKEN YOUR INNER GODDESS (Divine Femininity and Sacred Sexuality)” online.
  • Jaelyn also joined Twitter in April 2011 and has sent over 30,000 tweets in less than five years. Jaelyn also has over 30,000 Instagram followers. She also created a video titled “Interviewing my Detractors.” In this video, Jaelyn taped Kanye West’s face to a friend and mocked him.
  • Jaelyn Brunson’s primary YouTube channel, “Itsbabyj1,” was launched on October 23, 2012. Since then, this channel has received over 9.9 million views and over 198K subscribers.
  • The most recent video on this channel is Moving Too Fast – it’s baby. She uploaded this video on January 4, 2013, and it has received over 7.9k views. Furthermore, with over 882k views since its release on January 13, 2015, The First Time I Saw the D is the most-watched video on Jaelyn’s main channel.
  • Another video with over 300,000 views at the time of writing this biography is ZODIAC SIGN TURN-ONS! | Is it possible to make your crush like you?, WHO SHOULD YOU GO OUT WITH (ALL 12 Zodiac Signs)? | AM I LOSING MY VIRGINITY, VENUS?! + MY REAL HAIR?!, and ZODIAC SIGN OFFS? (They will immediately despise you.)

Social Media

Jaelyn has her own YouTube channel, “Jaelyn.” This channel was launched on April 25, 2014, and it currently has 1.16K subscribers. However, no video has yet been uploaded to this channel.

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