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Net Worth: $19,000

Jake Dufner

YouTuber Jake Dufner is known for his prank videos, vlogs, and challenges. In addition, he is an actor, best recognized for his supporting performance in “The Devil Inside.”

Jake Dufner Age & Early Life

Dufner is a white American citizen and was born on May 17, 1998, with the Taurus zodiac sign, in New Jersey, USA. He is 21 years old as of mid-2019. He hasn’t revealed much about his early years, although he has a brother named Kylian Dufner, often known as DK, who has appeared in some of Jake’s videos, including one in which his brother pulled a catfishing hoax on Jake’s followers.

There isn’t much information available about his parents either, although he frequently uploads pictures and videos of himself with his mother to his Instagram account, which suggests that he is quite close to her. Jake has not provided information on his educational background, hence the public is unaware of his degree of education.

Jake Dufner’s Ascendance to Stardom

In 2016, Jake launched his YouTube channel, where he has since posted amusing, spooky, and bizarre videos. His channel features everything from wild practical jokes and overnight challenges to flipping flicks and love tales. Jake enjoys posting vlogs and sharing with his audience all the memorable events from his wacky and entertaining life.

The most popular of the many videos he has posted is “Ouija Board 3 AM Challenge Gone Wrong,” “Exploring Abandoned Plane Wreck,” and “1000 MPH Razor Fidget Vs Hand / 1000 MPH Razor Fidget Gone Wrong.” The first video is a vlog in which Jake goes on a mission to explore a crashed plane and has received more than 1.8 million views. The second video, which has more than 1.4 million views, shows Jake and some of his buddies being assaulted by a zoo monster while also featuring the Ouija Board challenge. He has a lot of great razor fidget tasks in his third video. In addition to this, Jake has a ton of other fascinating films on his YouTube site that his followers will enjoy watching.

Jake is well known for posting hilarious yet bizarre films, particularly of him taking part in dangerous nighttime adventures. For anyone who enjoys paranormal and ghost-related themes, his YouTube channel is currently one of the most popular social media channels. He has won millions of admirers with his unique and captivating videos.

Jake Dufner’s Relationship

Jake is rumored to be dating a stunning woman named Ashley; like his other YouTubers, he incorporates Ashley into his videos solely to amuse his viewers. Ashley was a character in several of his videos, including “Confronting my girlfriend,” “We had The Talk,” and the one from August 2017 titled “I Took My Girlfriend to Clinton Road (She Cried)”.

Jake’s admirers have questions about his love relationship with his girlfriend because he is reluctant to flaunt her on his other social media accounts, aside from his YouTube channel. Some people have even speculated that he might be gay. Jake, however, has never shown any personality qualities that mirror those of a gay person, and the fact that he is romantically involved with his girlfriend has put an end to all of these allegations.

Jake has a ton of female admirers who swoon over him because of his confident and alluring personality and appearance. He has made his decision, though, and he and Ashley appear to be having fulfilling lives as boyfriend and girlfriend.

When Jake faked his death in May 2017, he surprised his followers by uploading a few videos to his channel that implied he had been abducted. Jake’s admirers were extremely worried and perplexed at the same time because their idol was missing and none of his social media accounts had any news or updates. In a later video, he said that he had only done it to amuse his viewers and that it was a terrible trick to perform on them.

Jake Dufner Net Worth 2023

Jake has been able to increase his net worth through his own YouTube channel. He also makes money from his apparel company, DUFNERBRAND. Being a well-known social media celebrity, particularly on Instagram, where he also runs advertising, has made him wealthy. Jake is said to make $660 per day from the advertisements on his YouTube channel, with an estimated annual revenue of at least $240,000 based on the data on his channel. Additionally, he has a Honda Civic that probably cost him at least $21,450. This car appears to be quite well-kept in Jake’s shot of it.

He launched his YouTube channel less than three years ago and already has more than 400,000 subscribers. In the first three months after it was established, he made $10,000. Jake has around 50,000 Twitter followers and more than 190,000 Instagram followers. He engages followers all over the world with his captivating writings and amazing images. According to reliable websites, Jake Dufner is worth more than $350.000.

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