Do you know Who it is Jakeita Days?

Jakeita Days, also known as Queen of Mixxxys, Sky Days, and FlyyyTattedsky, is a TV series personality that appears on VH1’s “Black Ink Crew.” Jakeita had a difficult journey to success, but everything she has now she earned with her own hands, a passionate attitude toward everything she does, and complete dedication to her dreams. Let’s learn more about her children, age, financial worth, and tattoos.

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Jakeita Days: Early Life and Family

Jakeita Sky Days were born on September 19, 1983, in Harlem, New York City, USA, where she grew up with her family. Her mother’s identity is unknown, but she appears in Jakieta’s Instagram videos from time to time to say something to the world. She recently discussed self-esteem and advised Jakeita’s followers to love themselves because she believed it was the only way to be happy. Jakeita has a close relationship with her mother because she has helped her through difficult times.

Jake was a teenager when she fell in love with a boy from her community and became pregnant twice. Her first son, Genesis, was born while she was only 14 years old, and her second son, Dessalines, was born when she was 16. Jake tried to raise them with the help and support of her bipolar mother, but the ladies quickly realized they didn’t have enough hands and money to take excellent care of the boys, so Jakeita’s mother advised placing the toddlers up for adoption, and a tired Jakeita accepted.

Her sons were adopted by various homes and have grown up with little knowledge of their biological mother. When they both turned 18, Jakeita decided to reunite with them, contacting Genesis and Dessalines, but as she revealed in one of her Refinery29 interviews, it was not easy. She didn’t want to put her sons’ faces on social media or television until they were 18, and now some people are criticizing Jakeita for abandoning her children and making tardy efforts to connect with them now that they are adults.

Jakeita Days Education Details

Jakeita went to a local high school in Harlem, but she had to take a year off twice to give birth to her sons, making it difficult for her to graduate. There is no information on her college education, but she most likely did not receive a degree, instead focusing on hard work to earn money and assist her mother in surviving their family’s financial troubles. She went to Empire Beauty School in Pottsville for her secondary studies.

Jakeita Days Dating Life (Relationship)

Jakeita is thought to be unmarried for the time being, although her personal life has always been a heated topic of conversation. She had an affair with reality star Teddy Ruks, who is also a Black Ink Crew personality, last year, but they split up in 2018 for no apparent reason.

It’s worth noting that in the series Black Ink Crew, a man named Elliot claimed to be Jakeita’s son’s father. He appeared in one of the episodes and attempted to contact Jakeita, but she refused all of his attempts to discuss their (alleged) sons’ present status.

Jakeita Days Net worth, Earnings

Jakeita’s overall net worth is reported to be over $4 million, which she gained while starring in the show Black Ink Crew and is now not only a personality but also the owner of an Atlanta tattoo business.

She also earns money through her clothes boutique, “Her Little Secret,” however the exact amount is unknown at this time. In terms of her hosting career, she frequently receives invites to numerous festivals and events and is compensated for her appearance or hosting the parties.

Jakeita Days Professional Career

Jakeita began her work as a receptionist at Black Ink Crew, a tattoo parlor and studio. She also tested out for roles as an actress and a make-up artist at Bella Honey Cosmetics in New York to better understand which sectors of activity she would be interested in. However, Jakeita rose to prominence after Black Ink Crew got a contract with VH1 in 2013, and began filming a TV show on the lives of a tattoo parlor.

Jakeita first appeared in the series in the second season, but she quickly rose to prominence even though she was not even a tattoo artist. She enchanted the audience with her honest emotional reactions, which she never concealed, her enthusiastic commitment to the tattoo industry, and her spectacular appearance.

By the end of the fifth season, the show’s producers decided to make Jakeita the manager of a new tattoo parlor called Black Ink: Atlanta, and to devote additional episodes to the establishment. Jakeita was quite convincing in her new persona and immediately garnered public appreciation.

As a TV personality, Jakeita was invited to organize a variety of events, including the “Slay Day All White Yacht Boat Party” in New York, the “Mocha Fest” in Negril, Jamaica, and the “Vivid Saturdays” (LGBT parties) in Providence, Rhode Island. Jakeita presently owns a clothes business in Miami, Florida called Her Little Secret. She participated in two more TV series: Hip Hop Squares (2012) and Scared Famous (2013). (2017).

Jakeita Days Interests and hobbies

Because her life is so hectic with work, Jakeita treasures the time she has at home and is grateful for it. She is quite particular about the interiors of her home and strives to make it as pleasant as possible:

she makes sure the fridge is completely stocked with her favorite beer Corona Light, she likes everything to be clean, and she even lights candles every evening to relax. Jakeita, on the other hand, has no time to relax when it comes to her outdoor activities:

she enjoys water scooter riding, swimming, and running. She also enjoys going to the gym to stay fit. Jakeita is a dog enthusiast; she has a bulldog named Bagel Supreme which has its own Instagram account with about 10,000 followers!

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