Jan-Harm Pol

Jan-Harm Pol

Do you know Who is Jan-Harm Pol?

Jan-Harm Pol, a veterinarian most known for his appearances in the reality TV series “The Incredible Dr. Paul” (2011–2018), which showed Jan’s daily activities at his clinic in Weidman, Michigan, in the United States, was born on September 4, 1942, in Drenthe, the Netherlands. Additionally, his wife Diane and their staff are featured on the show.

Jan-Harm Pol: Early Life and Family

Jan grew up on a dairy farm in Drenthe with his two elder brothers and three older sisters. He developed an early passion for animals that only became stronger as he aged, and at the age of 12, he decided he wanted to be a veterinarian. The young Jan had an epiphany when he assisted a local veterinarian in giving birth to piglets. Pol participated in the Mayville High School’s student exchange program in the early 1960s, spending a year there and staying with host parents who were Diane’s birth parents.

Education Details

After his senior year of high school concluded, he went back to the Netherlands with Diane by his side. Pol studied at the famous University of Utrecht after graduating from high school and earned his veterinary degree there in 1970.

Professional Career

Jan and his wife Diane moved to Harbor Beach, Michigan in the United States after he finished the DVM program at the University of Utrecht. There, he started seeking for a job and got a position as an assistant for an established veterinarian. Jan worked for this veterinarian for more than ten years before he decided it was time to move on. In 1981, he and his wife relocated to Weidman, Michigan, where he opened Pol Veterinary Services, a local veterinary practice.

Jan’s business initiative started to take off after he got his clinic up and running, and he needed more people to work alongside him. His wife Diane offered assistance first, but it wasn’t sufficient. Dr. Brenda Gettenberger, a 1992 hire, attended the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and joined “the great doctor Pol” and his Pol Veterinary Service immediately after graduating. In 20 years, he had 15,000 satisfied customers, an increase year after year.

Thanks to his hard work and devotion, he was picked by the producers of National Geographic Wild producers for the new TV series that would demonstrate day-to-day operations at his clinic. The reality television program “The Incredible Dr. Pol” debuted in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the most watched programs on the National Geographic Wild channel. The program has so far aired 123 episodes across 12 seasons, making Dr. Pol a well-known figure.

Jan has amassed more than 22,000 clients since he began his business; despite some issues with animal owners, including being accused of mistreating the animals and facing license revocation, he was able to resolve everything outside of court and the complaints were dismissed. Although there was a petition to have his program canceled and it received criticism as well, Pol survived everything and most recently wrapped up filming for the show’s 12th season.

Jan-Harm Pol Net worth, Earnings

Since opening his veterinary clinic, Jan has helped more than 20,000 happy clients who had issues with their farm animals or pets. His dedication was rewarded in 2011 when he joined the cast of the reality television program “The Incredible Doctor Pol.” So, as of mid-2018, have you ever wondered how wealthy Jan Pol is? Pol’s net worth has reportedly been pegged at $3 million, according to reliable sources.

Jan-Harm Pol Dating Life (Relationship)

Jan first met Diane, his life partner, when he traveled to the USA. Diane was born in 1943 in Mayville, Michigan. In 1967, the couple was hitched. Their third adopted child, Diane, joined the Pol family when she was 18 years old. They have three adopted children: Kathy and Charles, who were both adopted shortly after birth. Charles, who has since pursued a career as a film director, has assisted Jan in his undertakings frequently since he was a little child. He served as the late Sydney Pollack’s intern.

Social Media

Jan has gained quite a bit of notoriety since the commencement of the reality series “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” as evidenced by his social media presence. Jan has a fan network of about 700,000 followers on Facebook alone, with whom he has shared his most recent professional endeavors. He is also well-versed in Twitter and Instagram, where he has amassed a combined fan base of more than 100,000. So, if you haven’t already become a fan of this well-known veterinarian and reality TV personality, now is your chance to do so. Just click on the links to visit his official pages.

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