Jaycie Nicole

Jaycie Nicole

Do you know Who is Jaycie Nicole?

Jaycie Nicole Memmott is an American lip-sync and comedy video creator known on TikTok as Jaycee Nicole. Jaycie Nicole Memmott has over 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

Quick Facts: Jaycie Nicole

Full Name: Jaycie Nicole Memmott
Age: 19 years
Birthday: 15 Aug
Birthplace: N/A
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Leo
Status: single
Net Worth: N/A
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Profession: Tiktok star
Sibling: (One) Cierra Michelle Memmott

Jaycie Nicole: Early Life and Family

Jaycie Nicole Memmott is an 18-year-old lady. On August 15, 2002, she was born in Salem, Utah. Her father’s name is Ryan Harold Memmott, and her mother’s name is Michelle L. Memmott. Cierra Her older sister, Michelle Memmott, is a model. She’s five years younger.

Cierra, yet another TikTok celebrity, gets married to Andy. Jaycie was a competitive cheerleader in the past, winning multiple events as a part of her school’s squad. Similarly, she has three pets: Anya, an Aussie dog called Delilah, and Baxter, a flame point Siamese cat. Her favorite store is ‘Urban Outfitters.’

Similarly, she got her driver’s license shortly after turning 16, passing “all the stupid little tests” and buying her first automobile. She feels it provides her with freedom and exposes her to the real world. Because of her left-handedness, she has gotten her fair share of left-handed jokes. Yellow is her favorite color because it makes her feel “happy and bright.”

She was just five days old when she was diagnosed with baby familial seizure syndrome. However, she hasn’t had a seizure since. She just observed her grandma suffer a serious seizure that necessitated her evacuation to a hospital for treatment.

Jaycie Nicole Net worth, Earnings

Jaycie Nicole Memmott, a social media celebrity, may be worth a lot of money right now. Furthermore, there is no information about her wages. Her principal source of revenue is TikTok, where she gets money through achievable promotional events and brand sponsorships.

Jaycie Nicole Dating Life (Relationship)

Jaycie Nicole Memmott is most likely single, based on her relationship status. However, little information regarding her romantic life is known. She has never shared any images of herself with a man who is concerned about her love life. She is still an adolescent and has a few years before she starts dating. Aside from that, her talent and charisma have attracted a wide range of followers, and she is certainly the crush of many young guys.

Furthermore, throughout the two/three years that she has been prominent on social media, there has been no news regarding her involvement in issues or scandals. As a result, she has maintained an impeccable reputation.

How Tall is Jaycie Nicole? Weight, Hair Color

Jaycie Nicole Memmott stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kilos. Her blue eyes and golden hair add to her natural attractiveness. Furthermore, no further body statics information is accessible.

Professional Career

  • Jaycie Memmott is an American social media celebrity and professional TikTok star. She began her social media experience on Instagram, an image-sharing app. She began filming TikTok videos in September 2017, which she previously described to as “musical.” ly months before the two platforms combined in August of this year.
  • Similarly, she found after viewing multiple TikTok videos uploaded by others in the “For You” area of her Instagram page. She concluded that it would be a perfect forum for her to express herself after conducting a preliminary investigation.
  • Following that, she “jumped on that bandwagon” and soon climbed to stardom on TikTok, understanding that celebrity is fleeting.
  • She presently has over 2.1 million followers and 79.6 million loves on the short-form video-sharing app. The lip-syncing and comic acting is included in her TikTok videos. Her videos have also appeared in in-game promotions on Snapchat and YouTube.
  • She shoots the majority of her movies during school, despite knowing that she is not authorized to do so. Depending on the genre of the video, she spends anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour filming it. On average, she uploads two videos every day. She usually makes movies alongside her older sister Cierra, who is also a TikTok celebrity.
  • She also has a YouTube channel with the same name, which she began in 2018. First, she wanted to be a YouTuber, but she wasn’t sure what kind of video she wanted to be affiliated with. She began publishing material on her YouTube account in March 2014, following her TikTok breakthrough.
  • The social media phenomenon debuted her first YouTube video, titled ’20 QUESTIONS!!’ on October 22, 2018. In the video below, she answers questions from her TikTok followers. She refers to her supporters as “dolls” because of the love and compassion they have shown her.
  • During a Q&A (question and answer) session, she told her supporters that she will launch her goods after she knows the nuances of the design process. She also hopes to work in acting, modeling, and singing in the future.

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