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Jennifer Giroud

Jennifer Giroud: Who is she?

The wealthy French football star Olivier Giroud’s wife, Jennifer Giroud, is well-known. Star player Olivier has represented some of the best English Premier League teams, including Chelsea and Arsenal. Currently, Olivier is a member of the latter.

Early years and Education of Jennifer Giroud

Jennifer was born on September 25, 1984, in the United States, making her 34 years old. However, there is no information available on Jennifer’s early years, siblings, or parents. Jennifer appears to be a pretty private person because she hasn’t disclosed anything online about her educational background. She does, however, have American citizenship and is of white heritage.

How Jennifer Giroud Became Famous

When Jennifer started dating Olivier Giroud, she made headlines. Giroud, a French association football player, was playing for Tours when the two began dating. After dating for a while, Giroud was promoted to the position of lead striker, which turned out to be well deserved because he quickly improved as a striker.

The two decided to be married after dating Jennifer for several years, and in 2011, they walked down the aisle to make their union official. Jennifer became an overnight sensation and the talk of the town after marrying one of France’s most skilled and well-known football players. She quickly appeared in numerous tabloids and internet sites.

Jennifer likes to keep a low profile and prefers to stay hidden. However, being a celebrity’s wife necessitates constant attention from the media. Jennifer and her husband were seen attending the Global Gift Gala in 2016. Additionally, she was spotted supporting her husband while their daughter watched the 2016 UEFA European Championships. Jennifer has been spotted in London at the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant on numerous occasions. In October 2017, she attended The Best FIFA Football Awards with Olivier. In November of the same year, they also went to the London Global Gift Gala, where they were seen leaving the red carpet. Jennifer was the star of the evening due to her sparkling silver dress, patent black heels, and Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag. She also accessorized this chic wrap dress with a satchel.

The couple was also seen enjoying themselves while on vacation in Spain at the beach.

Jennifer Giroud’s Married Life

After being married to Olivier Giroud, Jennifer moved to London because he is a player for the English Arsenal Football Club. Giroud and Jennifer celebrated their first child’s impending birth with a small party two years after their marriage. They gave birth to a girl in June 2013 and gave her the name Jade. They were thrilled to welcome a new child, a boy they named Evan Giroud, into their expanding family on March 7, 2016. In an EPL match the day Evan was born, Olivier’s club faced Hull City, and he scored a goal in honor of his young son. The couple revealed they were expecting their third child in October 2017.

Giroud and Jennifer like spending quality time together when on vacation. They had been to Rio, where they enjoyed the beach and had their pictures shot. Jennifer enjoys sharing pictures of her family on her social media accounts, particularly on Twitter. She is a huge advocate for her husband’s professional endeavors.

The couple appears to enjoy their time together at the beach. They have been seen in Sardinia, Italy, lounging on sun loungers while on vacation on the magnificent island. They mixed with other revelers as well.

Because she is married to a famous person, Jennifer has not been immune to controversy. According to reports, Celia Kay, a lingerie and swimwear model, and Olivier had an affair in 2014. Less than a year had passed since the couple’s first child’s birth. On the day when Arsenal played Crystal Palace, Olivier is alleged to have spent the night there with Celia. When Celia shared a picture of Olivier in his underwear and another one of herself in lingerie in Olivier’s hotel bathroom, she revealed the occurrence.

Giroud had refuted the claims, but once the image was made public, he publicly apologized and asked his wife and supporters for forgiveness. Jennifer was severely affected by this happened since she could not have imagined her husband cheating on her and their child during a one-night affair with another woman. Jennifer did not address the situation, though, and even deleted her Twitter account as soon as Giroud acknowledged his error and apologized.

Additionally, Jennifer has been held accountable for her husband’s inability to switch from Arsenal FC to Everton. She also resisted when Olivier appeared to be the deciding factor in Aubameyang Pierre’s transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Arsenal.

Jennifer Giroud’s Net Worth

Jennifer must be enjoying an opulent lifestyle as the wife of a well-known football player. She hasn’t disclosed any information about her current earnings or personal wealth, but she is required to disclose that of her spouse. Reputable websites peg Olivier Giroud’s net worth as being above $10 million as of mid-2019.

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