Jessica Wilde

Jessica Wilde

Do you know Who is Jessica Wilde’s?

Jessica was born on September 2, 1988, in Canada, under the zodiac sign Virgo, and has Canadian nationality. She is well-known for her work as a tattoo artist, model, and writer for “Inked Magazine.”

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Jessica Wilde’s: Early Life and Family

Jessica is quite private about her early life because she loves to keep her personal affairs to herself, but she has shared her experience with the world on one occasion. Although she doesn’t say much about her parents, her fans claim that they haven’t been on good terms since she became pregnant.

She is said to be an only child because she never mentions having siblings. She noticed that she was gaining weight while in eighth grade, and her classmates were bullying her as a result. Her daily sugar intake was too excessive, and she knew she needed to make some changes. She was just 13 years old when she got her first tattoo, a small butterfly. She gained weight over time, and the bullying persisted throughout her high school years. Jessica took solace in booze and food since she couldn’t get along with anyone.

Education Details

Her grades were also unsatisfactory, and after graduating from high school, she married and became a mother instead of attending college.

Jessica Wilde’s Dating Life (Relationship)

Jessica’s love life is not a fantastical tale. She married when she was 19 and gave birth to their child before becoming 20; they divorced when she was 21.

Jessica Wilde prefers not to disclose her problems to the public, therefore nothing is known about her love life following her divorce. She was allegedly dating a mysterious man who helped her fight through that most difficult period of her life, and who encouraged her to continue exercising while also helping her with her baby – they are rumored to have split in 2017 but are still on good terms, but Jessica has not confirmed any of this.

Jessica is currently dating a man who attends the same gym as her, and they initially met in July 2018 – they went on their first date in September, and have been together ever since – none of this has been confirmed by the popular model and tattoo artist.

Jessica Wilde’s Net worth, Earnings

According to reliable sources, her net worth is believed to be more than $300,000 as of early 2020, and it is rapidly increasing as a result of the several projects she is now working on.

Professional Career

Jessica began working on herself after she left her husband at the age of 21 when she weighed 180 pounds (81 kilograms), which was a lot for her 5ft 4ins height (1.62m). She had an eating disorder and bad habits before deciding to change her life and start attending to the gym. Jessica Wilde began exercising at a local gym, but it was insufficient because she was still not mentally prepared to change and was not eating healthily – she decided to get a personal trainer and devote all of her free time to changing her life for the better.

Jessica Wilde’s started exercising every day, lifting weights and growing muscle, eating healthily, and soon saw results that pushed her to go even harder. She now goes to the gym 6/7 days a week, lifts weights two to three of those days, and does cardio almost every day – Jessica Wilde has lost close to 60 pounds, or over 25 kg, in two years.

A modeling scout invited her to her first photoshoot in 2015 because of her Instagram account. She became a sought-after model after only a few of these pictures, and Jessica Wilde’s has since traveled to the UK and the US for shoots and tattoo conventions.

Jessica Wilde has appeared on the covers of several prominent tattoo magazines, including “Tattoo Energy,” “Tattoo Life,” “Tattoo Society,” and “Inked Magazine.” She is now one of the most popular tattoo models in both the United States and Canada.

Other interests and hobbies

Jessica enjoys traveling, which is one of the reasons she appreciates her modeling career, as it allows her to travel to many locations without having to pay for it because she is working. She enjoys being in nature – woods, mountain climbing, and anything that appears to be a struggle for her. She enjoys posing for the camera, and it is not just her job but also her passion.

Jessica Wilde’s used to enjoy attending parties, but she no longer does; yet, when she does decide to go, she always has a good time. She is not afraid of alcohol, as she can reportedly consume a lot of it without becoming tipsy. Jessica is also an animal lover, and she has a pet dog whose name is unknown.

How Tall is Jessica Wilde’s? Weight, Hair Color

Jessica is thirty years old. She has long brown hair and blue eyes, stands 5ft 4in (1.62m) tall, and weighs around 120lbs (54kgs), though her vital statistics remain unknown.

Social media

Jessica has a strong presence on multiple popular social media platforms, which is critical to her image and modeling profession.

She started her Twitter account in May 2010 with the caption ‘Model, Host, Writer, Awkward’ – she is now followed by approximately 75,000 people and has tweeted over 4,100 times. Her Instagram account is followed by approximately 900,000 people, and she has published over 460 photos on it; she also has a Facebook profile with over 80,000 fans.

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