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Joey Birlem

Do you know Who is Joey Birlem?

American star Joey Birlem is from the United States. He is also a social media sensation who is most well-known for his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Joey Birlem: Early Life and Family

Joey is a 17-year-old American citizen of white origin who was born Joseph Matthew Birlem on May 29, 2002, the 29th day of the Gemini Zodiac, in Los Angeles, California. His mother is Jen Valdez, and he has two sisters named Bella and Sophia as well as two brothers named Kashius and Scotty. Although there is no information about his father, Joey appears to have had a happy childhood and grew up in a devoted household. His parents were adamant about supporting his job decision.

When Joey was younger, he had aspirations of being an athlete and found motivation in American sportspeople who routinely won medals at the Olympics. Joey also enjoyed watching the Asian games every year. He picked up skateboarding and took part in several regional competitions. Joey launched a Twitter account at the same time and gave it the name illest sk8 to let people know about his interests. Joey hasn’t provided any information regarding his academic history, though.

Job History of Joey Birlem

Like many other social media characters, Joey gained popularity online. At the juvenile age of six, Joey had already started singing, showing his early musical interest. But he couldn’t receive credit for his labor until he started using the internet. Following in the footsteps of other up-and-coming musicians, Birlem began self-promoting online rather than relying solely on record labels, especially given that the majority of these businesses demand high fees and a percentage of the artist’s earnings. Long-term contracts can be difficult as well.

At the time,, now known as Tik Tok, was the best platform for up-and-coming performers. Joey registered for the portal at this point and started posting his music videos there. Joey’s channel quickly attracted more than a million subscribers, and inspired by his success on Tik Tok, he started sharing his videos on other social media networks.

Joey shared shortened versions of his music videos on his Instagram account, which were highly appreciated as well. Birlem gained more than 570,000 Instagram followers in a relatively short period, and around the same time, he was included among the top stars on Tik Tok. Along with Loren Beech, Joey was voted one of the most prominent young singers in December 2015, which was widely regarded as a major accomplishment for Joey and his supporters.

Another factor contributing to Joey’s success is his friendship with Tayler Holder, a popular teenager on the internet. Like Joey, Tayler was a Texas native who started singing at a young age. Later, he moved to California and collaborated with Joey there since they shared interests. The two created a joint YouTube channel in January 2016 under the name Joey and Tayler, which quickly gained popularity, especially among young viewers. The two still split the money from this channel.

In the US, where people revere their celebrities, Joey has established himself as the trendiest star online. One of the reasons he has become well-known is because of his voice, which his younger followers had already learned to adore. He differs from his colleagues in another way by fusing his singing with other creative pursuits, such as dancing, which he reportedly excels at. Additionally, he is a highly gregarious guy who enjoys sharing images of his daily activities on social media. This has made him a very endearing character because his followers feel like they are a part of his life.

Joey Birlem Dating Life (Relationship)

Joey has done his best to keep his romantic relationships hidden from prying eyes because he is not always keen to share his personal life with the rest of the world. However, there were suspicions that he might be gay, so this might have hurt him more than helped. Joey, however, disproved the claims in a series of flirtatious tweets he sent to the well-known actress and dancer Maddie Ziegler.

It was rumored that Maddie was cheating on her Instagram star boyfriend, Jack Kelly after the rumors died down, but in November 2017, Maddie took to her Instagram account to apologize, claiming that her account had been hacked, and she intended to clear up the controversy that she was cheating on Jack with Joey. This put an end to any romance between Joey and Maddie.

Joey hasn’t revealed his dating situation to his fans since his contentious Twitter battles. Joey is probably single at the moment and focusing on his job. His definition of quality time involves spending time with his family and working with his YouTube partner Tayler, hopefully in the direction of a successful future.

How Tall is Joey Birlem? Weight, Hair Color

Joey stands at a standard height for his age of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters), and he weighs 132 pounds (60kg). He has a thin frame, dark brown hair, and green eyes. Joey’s vital stats are 38-30-18 inches, and he wears size 11 (US) shoes.

Quick Facts: Joey Birlem

Before he became a social media celebrity, he was a skateboarder. Alissa Violet and Kylie Jenner are Joey’s favorite celebrities. On his YouTube account, he portrays his mother, sister Sophia, and stepfather. Bella is a pet dog that Joey owns.

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