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Net Worth: $100,000

Joseph Herbert Jr

His zodiac sign is Taurus, and he is an American citizen. Joseph Herbert Jr was born on April 21, 2003, in Los Angeles, California.

Although he is a college student, he is arguably better known as the actor and stand-up comedian Jo Koy’s kid.

Joseph Herbert Jr Childhood and Education

Joseph’s parents, Angie King, a non-celebrity American woman, and his father reared him in Los Angeles; they were not married and divorced when he was a little child, but both shared equal responsibility for his upbringing.

Because his father shielded him from the media while he was growing up, Joseph had a relatively typical childhood.

While attending a nearby high school, he developed interests in a range of pursuits, including singing, acting with the theatre club, and sports. He also played basketball for the school team.

Joseph graduated in 2021, and although he hasn’t discussed his plans for the future, it is believed that he is currently enrolled in college, from where he should be receiving his degree in 2025.

Journey of Joseph Herbert Jr

Joseph has not yet begun his career in any profession, however, he is rumored to have done some modeling to support himself.

He is a social media celebrity, as seen by the more than 50,000 followers he currently has on Instagram and the close to 20 photos he has posted there, the majority of which show Joseph going about his daily business.

Joseph Herbert Jr’s Relationship

Joseph prefers to keep the specifics of his love life out of the spotlight and hasn’t mentioned any women (or men) he may have dated. Regarding both his sexual orientation and his current romantic situation, there are still many rumors circulating online.

Although they have allegedly been seen together several times, some of Joseph’s followers believe that he is currently dating his high school sweetheart and that they have been together for around three years. Joseph has not addressed these allegations, and no proof has been offered to back them up.

Another theory is that Joseph doesn’t talk about girls because he’s gay, although none of these theories has been proven.

In June 2022, Joseph appears to be single.

Activities and other passions

Joseph Herbert Jr engages in a variety of sports with his buddies, including basketball and soccer, and he also does martial arts. He runs almost every morning.

As Jo Koy brought him along on his comedy tours, Joseph has been to several US states with his father and has also visited several European nations. Athens, Greece, is Joseph’s ideal travel destination.

He has a deep love for animals, and when he was younger, he volunteered at a nearby animal shelter.

Summer is Joseph’s favorite season, primarily because he likes to go sailing and go swimming in the water.

His favorite actors and actresses are Will Smith and Kate Winslet, and a few of his favorite movies include “Independence Day,” “Bad Boys,” and “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” He likes to watch movies late at night.

Joseph Herbert Jr Net Worth 2023

Joseph Herbert Jr is 19 years old. He stands 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall, has brown eyes, and short, curly hair. His weight is approximately 130 pounds (60kgs).

Joseph doesn’t appear to have any apparent personal fortune as of June 2022, although it has been calculated that his father’s net worth is more than $5 million.

Who is Jo Koy, his father?

On June 2, 1971, Joseph Glenn “Jo Koy” Herbert Sr was born in Tacoma, Washington State, USA; he is of American nationality and has the zodiac sign of Gemini. Although he only has ten acting credits, he is likely most recognized for playing Peter Lewis in the 2018 family comedy film “Wake.”

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