JSChlatt is a rising YouTuber and Twitch streamer from the United States who regularly uploads videos of games like Minecraft and Cities Skylines. The player was also a member of the now-defunct SMPLive community. In 2014, he began his YouTube career.

What is the height of JSChlatt? What is his age?

JSChlatt was born on September 10, 1999, and will turn 21 in 2021. He was born to American parents in the United States of America. Although some reports indicate that Johnathan Schlatt is his true name, the social media sensation has yet to announce it.

His ethnicity is white and he is of American nationality. He is currently based in Montana. He stands at a height of 6 feet 3 inches, or 190 centimeters.

Moving on to his studies, the American-born man indicated that he was interested in computer science and cybersecurity. He also claimed to have spent four years at Harvard.

What is the net worth of JSChlatt? Sources of Income & Merchandise

JSChlatt is a YouTuber from the United States who began his channel in 2014. In June of 2014, he posted his debut video, a good boy eats food. His second video, “Elon r u ok,” became viral shortly after his first video.

He’s also the co-host of the podcast Sleep Deprived, in addition to his YouTube career. He’s also a prominent SMP Live Server streamer, having joined on March 1, 2019. A Tribute To Minecraft was one of his most popular videos. The YouTuber is also known for having a striking resemblance to Logan Mitchell from the TV show Big Time Rush.

He also has a large following on Instagram, with 1.5 million followers as of May 2021. He receives between $3,675 and $6,125 every sponsor post, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, with a 27.86 percent engagement rate.

JSChlatt’s net worth is estimated to be at $500,0000 as of 2021. His YouTube channel is his primary source of revenue. Jschlatt and jschlattLIVE are two of his YouTube feeds.

The first channel’s monthly and annual earnings are anticipated to be $290 to $4.6K and $3.5K to $55.7K, respectively. Similarly, the income from his second channel ranges from $4.9K to $79.1K per month and $59.3K to $949.1K per year.

His other sources of income include endorsements, sponsorship, and merchandising. “SCHLATT PLUSHIES” are another item he sells.

Over The Years, There Have Been Several Controversies

Along with his success and celebrity, the streamer has been involved in a number of issues over the years. Many of them are responsible for rash and inappropriate tweets.

In 2018, he commented on a photo of fellow Twitch streamer Scott Fisher with the caption “the face of Allah.” When the tweet was resurrected in 2021, he was accused of being Islamophobic.

Similarly, the YouTuber was accused of being a racist after posting a video with a thumbnail of a scribbled-on face with black paint all over it and the word “blackface” written above it.

Jschlatt has yet to comment on any of his controversies.

Is JSChlatt dating someone in the year 2021?

JSChlatt has kept a low profile when it comes to his dating, relationships, and personal life. Furthermore, he is unconnected to anyone.

The Gamer frequently shares videos and photos from his personal life, in which we can see him spending time with his friends and family, but he never mentions his dating life or a potential girlfriend. JSChlatt uploaded a picture with the comment “I *** Gay P***)” in 2021, which aroused suspicions about his sexuality, but nothing has been confirmed or disputed as of yet.

According to reports, the YouTuber suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a type of brain ailment that causes tremors, stiffness, and trouble walking, balancing, and coordination.

The 21-year-political old’s opinions have recently made headlines. He’s a Republican who thinks Barack Obama’s leadership is a disaster. Throughout Obama’s presidency, he depicts various members of the Obama family as well as the country’s economic situation.

Facts of JSChlatt
Date of Birth:1999 September-10
Age:22 years old
Birth Nation:United States of America
Net Worth$150 thousand