Julia Macfarlane is dating Ben Lamb, who was previously married to Louise Coles


To anyone who is curious, Is Ben Lamb married or unmarried? He used to be in the past. In 2016, the British actor married Louise Coles in a discreet but spectacular ceremony in England.

Trouble began to arise, however, in what appeared to be a fairy tale love story between Lamb and his wife.

As a result, the couple split, and the actor moved on with his life, starting a new relationship with Julia Macfarlane.

Wedding of Ben Lamb and his ex-wife Louise Coles

At their private wedding ceremony, Lamb and Coles appeared to be all over heels in love.

In November 2016, the pair married in front of close friends and family at Merriscourt, a beautiful barn location.

Ben Lamb and ex wife Louise Coles on their wedding day. (Source: Whimsical Wonderland Wedding)

The actor looked dapper than usual for the wedding, wearing a tailored suit by Hackett, while his wife wore a stunning wedding gown from BOA Boutique.

The exotic ambiance, festive decoration, and vivid lighting, in addition to the stunning wedding gown, added to the grandeur of the occasion.

Coles stated that she and Lamb wanted their wedding to be joyful and liberating, with their loved ones having a good time.

“We both knew how we wanted the wedding day to feel, we have had a lot of tragedy in our family in recent years and we just wanted to have fun and bring our close family and friends together for a day of laughter and we didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously.”

The actor and hairstylist couple stayed married for several years after what appeared to be a happy wedding. Lamb, on the other hand, divorced his wife for unexplained reasons.

Julia Macfarlane is Ben Lamb’s girlfriend

Lamb has moved on since his divorce and is now dating ABC News correspondent Julia Macfarlane.

He and his partner both publish images of themselves with their girlfriends on social media.

“When your lover goes gone for work, but it’s cool because you have a stand-in,” Macfarlane captioned a photo on Instagram on October 16, 2020.

In the year 2022, Ben Lamb is seen with his girlfriend Julia Macfarlane.
On January 26, 2021, Lamb also shared a photo with his girlfriend on Instagram. The photo was accompanied by a sweet remark in which the talented actor expressed his gratitude for having her in his life.

“So appreciative for @juliamacfarlaneabc and grateful to her for organising a delicious supper from @simonroganathome @aulissimonrogan for my birthday yesterday,” he said, implying that they celebrated his birthday together.

On April 17, 2021, Macfarlane took to Instagram to praise Lamb’s boyfriend skills.

She explained that Lamb had been spending the week with his mother, and he had to plan all of the dinners, run errands around the house, and clean everything.

Despite his busy schedule, he took the time to drive all the way up to Windsor Castle to hug her after a long day of live coverage.

“You’re the finest,” she added, referring to her spouse and expressing her undying love for him.