Kaitlan Collins of CNN: Is She Married? — A Look at Her Relationship and Career Situation

She has not mentioned her net worth as well as body measurement.

Kaitlan Collins of CNN: Is She Married? — A Look at Her Relationship and Career Situation

Kaitlan Collins seemed to be more concerned with her career than with marriage.

Kaitlan Collins is a well-known television personality in the United States. She reports nonstop from the White House as a CNN political correspondent.

Collins’ life is much more than politics. She is known for her political skills and has been in the spotlight for her trending conflicts with the President’s press secretary.

Will Douglas was her boyfriend, and some even speculated that they were married.

Will Douglas and Kaitlan Collins Relationship

Collins had a relationship with Will Douglas, a chemist, and politician.

Douglas, the owner of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, campaigned for State House as a Republican candidate for Texas District 113 in the 2020 elections.

In July 2015, Collins revealed their connection in a now-deleted Instagram post. A photo of him was shared by the chief White House correspondent, who wished him a happy birthday. Douglas also Instagrammed a photo of Collins and referred to her as “bae” a few months later.

Until 2017, their blossoming chemistry was obvious. Collins spent time with her boyfriend’s family, particularly his mother Melinda Douglas and younger brother Tanner Pierce.

However, she stopped exchanging images with her partner in early 2018 and even removed some that were related to him. While she hasn’t said anything about the breakup, the removal of her boyfriend’s images from her account, as well as the same on her partner’s account, suggests that they are no longer together.

The CNN White House Correspondent with the Youngest Age

The Alabama native was raised in a non-political household. Her parents and other family members never discussed politics or elections. The Today Show was the only news program they watched.

Collins didn’t pursue journalism at first because she was dissatisfied with politics. She pursued chemistry in the same manner as her sister. She only realized that science was not her cup of tea after struggling with the topic.

Similarly, she changed her major to political science and journalism as a result. In 2014, she graduated with honors. She then moved to Washington, D.C., to work for an opinion website called The Daily Caller.

Likewise, she began her career covering the entertainment beat before moving on to the White House. She met CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, at a White House correspondents event while doing so. Her unwavering commitment had piqued the media mogul’s interest.


She was soon invited in for interviews, and within a month she was working for CNN as part of the White House staff.

Her new work was a career booster, but it didn’t come without its own set of problems. During Trump’s presidency, she was barred from reporting in the Rose Garden.

Collins overcame the obstacles because of her exceptional abilities and was promoted to chief White House correspondent in January 2021. She created history by becoming the first female to hold the championship at such a young age. She was only 28 years old at the time.