Karen Kilgariff’s Ex-Husband Could Have Been an Ellen DeGeneres Show Coworker

Karen Kilgariff’s spouse could have met her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Karen Kilgariff, an American writer and comedian best known for producing the famous podcast My Favorite Murder, has kept her sexual relationships private.
The co-author of ‘Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered’ has spoken up about a variety of concerns in her life, including her prior body image issues and drug and alcohol addiction. Despite this, she has never spoken about her romantic relationships.

Her followers are aware that she is divorced, but they are unaware of the facts surrounding her failed marriage and are curious as to who she was married to.

Kilgariff Suggested Her Divorce

The date of the podcast host’s marriage and the length of her marriage are unknown, although she divorced in 2013. In November 2013, she alluded to her divorce in a tweet in which she joked that when going through divorce processes, a person’s car is repossessed.

Since then, the author has rarely spoken about her divorce.

That was until July 2018, when she tweeted that the end to any glamping piece should be “glamp all you want, you’re still getting divorced.” It’s possible that I’m reading too much into it, but the tweet contained a hint that she and her ex-husband used to go glamping (short for fancy camping).

Your ex-husband could be a coworker

The writer’s ex-husband was revealed to be a man called Peter S. Thompson.

It became obvious once the January 2013 divorce lawsuit file leaked. In the jurisdiction of LA County, a guy called Peter S Thompson filed the complaint.

Kilgraff’s professional affiliations reveal a connection with the guy; from 2006 to 2008, he worked as a camera operator on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Fans of My Favorite Murder may recall that in the early 2000s, the American writer was close to Ellen and appeared as an opening act for her stand-up concerts.

She also contributed to Ellen DeGeneres’ stand-up comedy show, Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now. She went on to work as a head writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2006 to 2007, the same time Mr. Thompson was working as a camera operator.

As a result, it’s reasonable to assume the cinematographer is the podcaster’s ex-husband.
A check at Peter’s Instagram page indicates that he is married to Nikki S. Thompson, with whom he has two sons:
Kilgariff appears to be single, but she was busy with a magnificent Mid-Century Ranch House in Los Angeles, so it’s all okay.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show ended on a sour note

Interestingly, the writer had a squabble with Ellen DeGeneres in 2007 over an incident that occurred during a writers’ strike. When she refused to cross the picket line during the strike, Ellen dismissed her and never spoke to her again.
The incident, which was mostly forgotten by the public at the time, reappeared in March 2020. Employees of Ellen’s show made a flurry of anecdotal claims against her, alleging that she was actually a very cruel person, despite how she portrayed herself on screen.

Peter also quit the show a year after Kilgariff did.