Kaysar Ridha’s wife was upset that he was being humiliated on ‘Big Brother.’

On ‘Big Brother 22: All-Stars,’ Kaysar Ridha was chastised.

After winning fans in Big Brother 6 (BB6) and Big Brother 7 (BB7), Kaysar Ridha was asked to play on Big Brother 22: All-Stars (BB22) (BB7). Viewers and alumni hailed the fan-favorite contender for his brilliance and excellent looks on a daily basis.
He was also respected for never taking advantage of those facts and for always adhering to his personal values of privacy. Ridha discovered love after competing in BB6 and BB7 and has been married to Haseena Qudrat-Ridha for several years.

Ridha agreed to join BB22 since he enjoys the game. Ridha, as a married man, stayed within his marriage’s bounds and avoided excessive flirtation and romance with other houseguests. He did, however, rekindle his long-standing bond with Janelle Pierzina, a former BB6 and BB7 candidate.
While criticism is a part of the show, Haseena found it difficult to deal with it when her husband was the target.

Ridha’s Wife Found It Difficult to Witness His Execution

It was never easy for Big Brother cast members’ families to watch the live feeds, especially when they were chastised by fans and other houseguests. During the Big Brother 22: All-Stars live feeds and episodes, Haseena, too, found it difficult to see her spouse being slandered.

When HOH Tyler nominated Ridha and his close friend Janelle for BB22, it prompted some of the other contestants to demonize Ridha and plot to eliminate him from the competition. Haseena was not one to sit by and defended them on Twitter.

She supported Ridha and Janelle’s friendship by retweeting messages about it, and she chastised participants who attacked other players on a personal level. Haseena was even sympathized with by a fan who expressed how painful it was for her to witness her significant other being mistreated on television.
Haseena admitted that it had been difficult for her, but she went on to say that she had kept up with practically everything spoken about Ridha and thanked his followers for their love and support. Despite the show’s nature, Haseena seemed to be doing her best to keep the negativity at bay.

After Big Brother, Ridha’s Life

Unfortunately, Ridha was evicted from Big Brother: All-Stars in 2020. Ridha’s Linkedin page shows that he is still employed as Vice President of Evolus and Vice President of Desk Health, implying that he returned to work after the episode.

He was a part of the much-needed TV conversations as a Muslim man in a reality show, and he developed his own venues to continue the conversation. He now has a YouTube channel where he shares his own stories and experiences, interacts with fans, and interviews guests.

He’s also on Instagram, where he organizes IG Lives to connect with followers and give additional information about his life. He also earns a lot of marketing sponsorships for his social media profiles now that he’s a well-known TV personality.