Keith Hodge and his wife have three children as a result of their decades-long marriage

Keith and his wife Elizabeth have been married for nearly two decades and are still going strong.

The Hodge Twins, often known as Keith and Kevin Hodge, are a social media comedy and fitness duo.

The brothers started their humor channel in 2008, and it has since grown to include fitness videos and relationship counseling.

The identical twins are well-known for their hilarious stuff as well as their conservative political views, which have garnered them millions of fans. Across their four YouTube channels, they have nearly 6 million subscribers.

The twins are two family men who have long given up their bachelorhood to embrace matrimony and fatherhood, as seen by their lifted eyebrows and outrageously alluring accents.

While Kevin keeps his family a closely guarded secret, Keith is outspoken about his.

Keith and his wife have been married for more than two decades

Keith and his wife Elizabeth have been happily married for almost two decades. The couple has three children, who are 20 years old, 14 years old, and 11 years old respectively.

Kevin is also happily married, having been with his wife for more than two decades. His wife is of Mexican descent, although little is known about her other than that, including her name.

They have four children, ages 25, 18, 13, and 9, and are very proud of them.

On important occasions, the brothers have been very kind husbands who never fail to express their love and respect for their wives.

“Happy Father’s Day to our wives for having to be the dad and mom while we are travelling on the road,” Keith and Kevin captioned photos of their wives on Facebook in June 2017. “I adore you.”

Aside from that, films on their YouTube account show Kevin pranking his brother’s wife, demonstrating the family’s friendly and fun-loving atmosphere.

The twins had lived in and around Los Angeles for 17 years before returning to their home state of Virginia, where they now share townhouses. They’ve barely been apart for maybe ten hours at most.

Keith revealed in a 2016 interview with LA Weekly that their spouses are jealous since the brothers spend so much time together. “I was like, ‘What are you jealous of?!’ “It’s not like he’s trying to [expletive] me off,” he continued.

Keith’s Daughter Is a Social Media Trending Topic

Dana Hodge, Keith’s daughter, is a rising social media figure with over 12000 Instagram followers and over 80000 YouTube subscribers.

In a video posted on August 25, 2020, Dana reacted to a viewer who asked how she felt about her father’s political views. She’s also created a number of reaction movies to her father’s and uncle’s videos.

Dana remarked that she could not love her father any less because of his political beliefs. Keith, the 20-year-old said, is her father; he is the one who gave her life, and she bears no grudges towards him.

“Because you don’t like him, I’m not going to stop loving him… I adore him to the point of obsession. That isn’t going to change your mind about him “she went on.