Do you know Who is Kelli Maple?

Kelli Maple was born on October 12, 2001, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, under the zodiac sign of Libra and with American nationality. She is well-known for her YouTube channel, where she usually posts videos of her toys from brands such as “Playmobil,” “Legos Friends,” and “American Girl Dolls.”

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Kelli Maple: Early Life and Family

Kelli grew up in Boston with her younger brother Joseph and older sister Kristin; her brother is also a YouTuber, well known for his “Minecraft” videos, and Kelli followed in his footsteps when she established her channel. She rarely addresses her parents, preferring to keep them out of the spotlight, but they are highly supportive of her internet job.

Kelly is somewhat popular among her peers as a result of her personal YouTube success. She has numerous friends with whom she spends her free time, but she is so preoccupied with her online profession and uploading videos to her YouTube channel that she doesn’t have much time to spend with them.

Education Details

It is claimed that Kelli would not attend college and will instead focus on her internet profession.

Kelli Maple Dating Life (Relationship)

She is quite private about her love life since she hasn’t disclosed anything about her past or present relationships- she is only 18, so there may not be much to tell… so far.

Kelli is presently supposed to be seeing a male who attends the same high school as her, even though she has not spoken about it publicly. Her classmates have discussed the two’s connection online, and Kelli’s followers have repeatedly inquired about her relationship status without receiving an answer. Kelli hasn’t remarked on the subject, thus she looks to be unmarried, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any children.

Kelli Maple Net worth, Earnings

Her net worth is believed to be more than $100,000 as of early 2020, and it is continuously increasing owing to her YouTube account.

Professional Career

Of course, Kelli’s career began on March 24, 2014, when she launched her self-titled YouTube channel to show her love for her dolls and other things. Her channel currently has over 1.17 million subscribers and has received over 900 million views across all of her videos.

Kelli began her channel by largely uploading videos of her cats; some of her most successful videos from that period were “Cute cat Mittens chats about birds,” which has been viewed over 25,000 times, and “Mittens attacks and cleans her toes.”

Kelli moved to her toys after several movies highlighting her cats, and began publishing videos connected to “Playmobil” toys, which eventually made her prominent on the YouTube platform – some of the videos she has released include “Playmobil TV: The Missed Bus,” and “Playmobil TV: The Messy House.” “Playmobil TV: Swimming” is another option.

At the same time, she began evaluating the toys she owned, and as her admirers loved her evaluations, she began purchasing more Playmobil toys and reviewing them as well. Kelli is currently constantly uploading videos to her channel, and she has expressed that she is grateful to her parents, who have always been there for her and encouraged her when she didn’t think she would make it on YouTube.

Toys such as “Playmobil”

“Playmobil” is a toy series manufactured by the Brandstatter Group (Geobra Brandstatter GmbH & Co KG), which was first introduced in West Germany in 1974 by Hans Beck, with the company’s headquarters in Zirndorf.

Playmobil toys are typically 7.5cm (three inches) tall human figures with a specific type of happy face known as a ‘klicky.’ Various Playmobil toy lines offer accessories for the original toys, buildings, and vehicles, as well as a couple of animal sets. The majority of Playmobil toys are created in themed series of sets, but there are also one-of-a-kind figures and sets. A team of 50 employees is in charge of developing new items and product lines, and when a new line of toys is released, production of earlier sets ceases – the special products are frequently made in extremely small quantities and usually cost much more than others.

This concept of unique products has given rise to a plethora of toy collectors, who can be seen bragging about their collections on the internet – they have gone far beyond simply collecting toys, as they are now customizing them, producing miniature wargames, and creating photo stories and stop motion movies with the toys.

Favorite things and other interests

Kelli enjoys playing with toys as much as making them. She’s been manufacturing baby dolls for years and has gotten so adept at it that she now sells them online.

She, too, is an animal lover, with multiple pet cats but no dogs. She enjoys watching movies and TV shows, with her all-time favorite being “Zapped” – she also enjoys listening to music, and there is always something playing in the background while she is working on her dolls. Her favorite bands include “The Lumineers” and “Daughter,” as well as classic rock bands like “AC/DC” and “Aerosmith.” She is also a gamer, as her brother persuaded her to try the popular “Minecraft” video game, which she initially disliked but has since become her favorite.

Kelli spends a lot of her free time indoors working on her dolls and filming movies for her YouTube channel, but she also enjoys being outside in parks or simply having coffee in her favorite café’s garden.

How Tall is Kelli Maple? Weight, Hair Color

Kelli is now 18 years old. Her hair is long and her eyes are brown, but her height and weight are unknown. Her net worth is believed to be more than $100,000 as of early 2020, and it is continuously increasing owing to her YouTube account.

Social media

Kelli has a strong presence on multiple popular social media platforms, which is critical to her online business. She began using Twitter in October 2017, with the comment ‘I am alive, breathing, a bit of nothing.’ She also has a Facebook page, which now has over 200 followers.

Kelli’s Instagram account, “littlemousenursery,” is quite busy, and she uses it to sell the dolls she makes – people message her with their unique requests, and Kelli manufactures and ships their baby dolls. She sells her dolls on eBay as well.

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