Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss and Journey from Contestant to Judge on ‘Ink Master’

Kelly Dotty’s approach to her unique tattoos, as well as the stories behind them, distinguishes her.

Kelly Dotty, a finalist on the reality TV show Ink Master Season 8, has always been a fan favorite thanks to her distinct tattooing style.
Despite the fact that the artist has never spoken about her own tattoos, the narrative behind her characteristic tattoos is what sets her apart.

Doty’s Individuality

The Ink Master is recognized for her wild tattoo designs. Her tattoos almost always have her trademark style, thus they give her away at first glimpse.
Her work is a unique mix of new school and rustic, bright and dark, eerie and adorable themes. In one word, she describes her style as ‘bobbleheads.’

“I specialize in spooky illustrated fairy tales and pop surrealist work. Long story short, I draw creepy pictures with big honkin’ bobbleheads. “

The artist is also well-known for giving her characters backstories, giving the impression that they live in a universe. She also shares these experiences with her Instagram followers.

Getting a tattoo from her is a well-rounded experience unlike any other, thanks to her story-telling ability and otherworldly artwork.

Dotty was a finalist in Season 8 of ‘Ink Master.’

Dotty’s signature style was first seen in Season 8 of Ink Master in 2016. With other female finalists Ryan Ashley and Gian Karle, the goth made it to the top three.
In challenges such as watercolor tattoo, armor tattoo season, new-school colosseum tattoos, gypsy lady tattoo, seven-hour live tattoo, natural disaster survivor tattoo, and domestic violence survivor tattoo, the owner of Helheim Gallery was able to amaze the judges with her excellent talents.

Despite her efforts and abilities, the sketch artist was defeated by Ryan Ashley, who became the first female winner of the Ink Master. Doty, on the other hand, became a crowd favorite and a much-loved auteur among her fans because to her distinct style and cheery demeanor.
After Ink Master, the artist went on to host Ink Master Angels, a spin-off reality show. This time, her fans got to see her in a different perspective. But it wasn’t simply the fact that she went from being a contestant to being a judge that attracted her admirers’ attention.

Dotty now has a new look

The goth tattooist gave fans an insight inside her weight loss when she appeared as a judge on Ink Masters Angels. She appeared to have lost a lot of weight since her last appearance on Ink Master.

Her Instagram photographs speak for themselves. The artist appears to have lost a significant amount of weight and appears to be in good shape.
Dotty, on the other hand, has never spoken publicly about her weight loss struggle.