Ken Todd

Ken Todd

Do you know Who is Ken Todd?

Kenneth Todd was born in England on July 20, 1945, and is a restauranteur with over 20 London-based restaurants and bars. He is, however, possibly best known to the public as the husband of the reality star and businesswoman Lisa Vanderpump. He is frequently confused with the soccer player Kenneth Todd, although the two are not the same person.

Early Life

Unfortunately, Ken has managed to conceal all relevant facts about his early life, including his parents’ identities, if he has siblings and even his educational history. Hopefully, he will follow through on this information in the future.


Ken became a father in his early twenties, and to support himself and his family, he worked a variety of odd jobs, sometimes at night. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, so he moved into the textile sector, but after a few unsuccessful ventures, he decided to try his hand as a restauranteur and purchased his first restaurant in Kensington, London, in 1982. Lisa Vanderpump was one of his new asset’s employees, and he fell in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. Since then, the two have been constructing a London restaurant empire.
Ken gradually grew his restaurant ownership, and he is currently the owner of 26 restaurants throughout London, mainly in Soho, as well as four restaurants in California. This has made him wealthy, but it was his marriage to Lisa that has made him famous. Ken has participated alongside his wife on the reality shows “Vanderpump Rules” (2014-2015) and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (2014-2015). (2010-2018). These promoted Ken’s restaurants as well as his name.

Net Worth

Although Ken struggled to get his business started at first, he eventually made a name for himself as a restauranteur. He’s made a name for himself and a tyrannical restaurant empire. So, have you ever wondered how wealthy Ken Todd is as of the middle of 2018? Todd’s net worth is believed to be up to $85 million, according to credible sources. Don’t you think it’s rather impressive?

Relationship Status

When it comes to his personal life, Ken has been pretty candid about his ups and downs. They married two weeks into their romance with Lisa and have since lived in Montecito, California. Pandora, the couple’s first child, was born in 1986, and five years later, Max was adopted. They recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. Ken was previously married to Pamela, with whom he has a son, Warren Todd, who is now a property developer and majority owner in London’s Portobello Road neighborhood.

Social Media

Ken has grown fairly successful on social media platforms, particularly Twitter, where he has over 130,000 followers and has mostly utilized to promote his own and his wife’s careers. Among many other things, he recently announced the next season of the immensely popular reality series “Vanderpump Rules Season 7.” He isn’t on Facebook or Instagram. So, if you aren’t already a fan of this well-known businessman, now is the time to become one; simply go to his web page.

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