Do you know Who is Kerry Sayers?

Kerry Sayers is a 49-year-old Caucasian sports anchor, reporter, and television host born on July 11, 1971, in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. She is likely most known throughout the world for her enormous presence on television screens across numerous mediums, most notably as co-host and writer of the Start-TV show “Through the Decades.” She has also had several other achievements over her sometimes successful journalism career, which began in 1994.

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Kerry Sayers: Early Life and Family

Kerry was raised as an only child in her birthplace by parents whose names and occupations are unknown. According to her admissions during her career, she appears to have been an avid sports fan with extensive knowledge and awareness of various complicated and popular disciplines.

Education Details

In terms of schooling, she initially attended Mercy High School in her hometown, where she matriculated in 1989, and then went on to the University of Michigan, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication in 1993.

Regarding the development of her interest in sports, it is known that Kerry was a member of the varsity softball team a year before graduation, which was the first time in her college’s history that their female team won the Big Ten Championship.

Kerry Sayers Dating Life (Relationship)

In terms of her earlier romantic relationships, there is almost little information available from trustworthy sources that may adequately depict this period of her life. Kerry’s current marital status is that she is married to banking executive Matthew Doucet.

The couple is reported to have dated for a few years before becoming engaged in December 2010, and their wedding took place on June 17, 2011, in private, away from the public eye. They have a daughter named Lily Ava, born on July 12, 2012, and a son named Brady, born in September 2015. Kerry and her family live in Chicago, according to her page.

Kerry Sayers Net worth, Earnings

Have you ever wondered how wealthy Kerry Sayers is right now, in early 2019? According to different credible sources, Kerry’s total acquired fortune is estimated to be close to $500,000, with her annual pay capped at around $75,000.

She gained her money by offering her journalistic expertise and passion for sports knowledge to different media outlets, most notably as the writer and co-host of Start-“Through TV’s the Decades.” The aforementioned sum is certain to rise as her career progresses.

Kerry Sayers Professional Career

Kerry began her career as an intern at WILX-TV in Lansing, Michigan, where she landed her first position a year later due to her enormous sports knowledge, which she demonstrated in front of her coworkers. As a result, she originally worked as a sports reporter here until 1999, then moved on to the now-defunct Empire Sports Network as a sports anchor and reporter for two years.

Midway through her stay there, in 2000, she also became a two-year sports reporter for Home Team Sports. She started reporting and anchoring sports for NBC Sports Chicago from 2004 to 2008. She joined FSN Northwest in 2002 in a similar position and stayed there until 2004. In 2009, she began her longest contract to date, with WSCR 670, as an update anchor for “The Score.”

She stayed here until 2015, while simultaneously working in two other jobs: in 2010, she joined WFLD Fox 32 as a sports anchor and reporter, and in 2011, she began freelancing reporting for Big Ten Network, where she stayed for two years and one year.

Kerry joined Decades TV Network in March 2015, one month before her contract with WSCR 670 expired, as the co-host and writer of a historical instructive TV show called “Through the Decades” on Start-TV. Her job here is to prepare and present the information, which is largely about numerous historical events that happened on the day of each new episode. This is her most well-known role, and it is one she still holds today.

Kerry’s IMDB page

Aside from her usual involvement with the above-mentioned show, which she writes and co-hosts, Kerry is also listed on the Internet Movie Database as one of the stars of a special six-episode documentary TV mini-series, “Decades Presents: 1968,” which was released in 2018, and is thus far the unique content-deviating side-show of Kerry’s program that the public is used to. It is not currently rated on the aforementioned website.

Few People Can Take Pride In

Kerry Sayers was one of the rare reporters in the history of the business who got the honor of interviewing arguably the most famous NBA Legend – LeBron James – at a young age. According to CBS Chicago’s article, LeBron was only 16 years old at the time, and a whole video of the interview can be viewed on the website.

How Tall is Kerry Sayers? Weight, Hair Color

There is insufficient information available from trustworthy sources to confirm her actual height, weight, clothing sizes, and vital data. Kerry’s hair is light blond with darker spots, her eyes are dark blue, and her skin tone is primarily fair with some tan. Her body type is commonly described as ‘busty.’

Kerry Sayers Social Media

Because of the ever-expanding reach of social media on global audiences, it is in most celebrities’ best interests to keep their followers updated about their activities to maintain and potentially grow their ratings and profit.

Kerry is no stranger to this trendy trend, as her dedication to providing updates and connecting with her followers on her public profiles is at an all-time high. Her Facebook profile is secret, but she has almost 7,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 1,000 followers on Instagram.

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