Kim Ki-Bum Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

As of 2022, Key’s net worth was $6 million

Kim Ki-Bum

Kim Ki-Bum Bio

Kim Ki-bum, also known as Key, is another competent vocalist for the famed Korean POP band ‘SHINee.’

Salary and Net worth

Key has been singing for a long time and has appeared in four films, four television specials, eight theatrical productions, and numerous theater performances. He has built a big name, notoriety, and grown his net worth throughout the course of his career.

Since 2017, Key’s annual gross pay has been $800,000 per year. To be honest, he is the highest-paid member of the SHINee group in terms of total assets and remuneration. As of 2022, Key’s net worth was $6 million, with a luxury residence worth 2 billion won (1.8 million dollars).

Early Life, Age, Parents

Kim Ki-bum, Key’s true name, was born on September 23, 1991. Born in Daegu, South Korea, he relocated to Seoul for the S.M. Public Tryout. He is mostly a vocalist, but he is also a television moderator, fashion designer, and entertainment. He made his singing debut in 2008 when he joined the group ‘SHINee.’

Kim Ki-Bum Relationship

Key, one of SHINee’s steady vocalists, is said to be dating. According to an insider, Key is dating Nicole, the ex-part of KARA gathering. The affection idea started because they have something in common, such as their birth year (1991), being a member of the ’91 line, and that’s only the beginning.

It was recently stated that both were seen close together in open daylight. They could be dating because they are both friendly and have liked each other’s Instagram photographs. SME has rejected the news, and Key has not admitted or revealed his love life.

Prior to Nicole, he was involved with Eunji, a member of the APINK group. Both appeared on the television show ‘We Got Hitched,’ where their demonstration was frequently featured.

Kim Ki-Bum’s Height, Weight

The important phrase here is dynamic through web-based media. He has the most noteworthy Instagram followers, with 4.7 million. The second is his Twitter account (71.3 thousand followers), and the third is his Facebook page (64.5 thousand friends).

Kim Ki-Professional Bum’s Career

  • On December 21, 2017, Key read a letter he penned to Jonghyun at his burial service.
  • He handed him the handwritten note to which he apologized for not being there for him.
  • Key, along with Jonghyun, admitted to being one of the SHINee group’s two challenging young men.
  • They were like close buddies who liked to converse and go on holiday.

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