Kim Spradlin

Kimberly was her given name at birth. Brooke Spradlin, Kim Spradlin, is a San Antonio, Texas-based interior designer and bridal shop owner who won Survivor: One World in 2012. A segment titled Kim’s Kart was part of her role as a featured performer on the show Great Day SA.

Kim Spradlin’s Early Life, Education, and Wiki

A native of San Antonio, Texas, Kim Spradlin was born Kimberly Brooke Spradlin on January 30, 1983. As a citizen of the United States, she can claim to be of European ancestry.

UT-San Antonio is where she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science.

The Career of Kim Spradlin

Survivor: One World’s final survivor is Kim Spradlin. She kept a low profile in the beginning of the show and formed strong bonds with all of her tribemates, but she rose to the position of leader later on.

After discovering Jonas Otsuji and Michael Jefferson’s secret identities, she devised a master plan that included a female alliance. This resulted in the elimination of all of the men in the game. To date, she’s racked up four victories in the Immunity Challenges. It was a 7-2-0 win over Chelsea Meissner and Sabrina Thompson in the championship match that sealed her victory.

Kim Spradlin’s Salary And Earnings: How Much Does She Make?

About $1.5 million is how much Kim Spradlin, an interior designer, and owner of a bridal boutique, is currently worth. According to PayScale, an interior designer can expect to make around $49,810 per year on average.

Survivor: One World awarded her a grand prize of $1 million in 2012. As a result of her victory as the season’s most popular player, she was awarded a check for $100,000.

Individuality: The Story of Kim Spradlin

Bryan Wolfe, Spradlin’s first husband, is now her second husband. During their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in March of 2013, the newlyweds exchanged their wedding vows. Alicia Rosa and Kat Edorsson, both members of Kim’s Survivor tribe, were in attendance at their wedding.

In the year following her marriage, she made an announcement about her pregnancy. She gave birth to her first child, a son, on February 8, 2014, and named him Michael Thomas Wolfe. Her second child, a daughter named August Jane Wolfe, was born on May 27, 2015, exactly one year after her first child was born. Last but not least, Walt Thomas Wolfe, a son, was born on June 1, 2016, making her a mother of three.

Mistaken Identity Leads to Arrest

When she was about to go to the San Antonio DMV to change her name to Spradlin, she was arrested for being the wrong person in a case of mistaken identity in April 2013. She was detained for about eight hours before being released on a $1,500 bond. Upon further investigation, another individual with the same first name and birthdate was discovered.

A person’s chronological age, height, weight, and other measurements

Kim Spradlin has reached the age of 36 as of this writing in 2019.

Pisces (the Water Bearer)

She is a tall woman, standing at 5’10”. (1.78m).

She weighs about 55 kilograms.

Body Stats: She has a slim build and a long, lean body shape.

During Jeff Probst’s 24th season as the show’s host, she made an appearance.

Facts of Kim Spradlin
NameKim Spradlin
Birth NameKimberly Brooke Spradlin
Birth Place/CitySan Antonio, Texas, United States
ProfessionInterior designer
Net Worth$1.5 million
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Married toBryan Wolfe
EducationThe University of Texas at San Antonio