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Kristopher London

Kristopher London: Who is he?

Kristopher Obaseki is a YouTube personality who was born in London, England, on April 3, 1993. He gained notoriety through his name-brand channel, where he publishes a variety of comedic videos. With challenges, reactions, rants, and stories in his videos, he has amassed over 1.7 million subscribers.

Kristopher London’s Net worth

A strong YouTube career has allowed sources to estimate a net worth of over $900,000 as of early 2019. Numerous chances, including working with other well-known figures, have come his way as a result of his celebrity. It is anticipated that his wealth would continue to rise as he pursues his goals.

Early Years and YouTube’s Inception

Kristopher’s life before his ascent to popularity on YouTube is largely unknown. He hasn’t provided any information on his upbringing or education beyond the fact that he has a sibling. He first developed an interest in producing material for YouTube in 2012, just as the website was becoming quite popular due to the possibility of becoming a YouTuber professionally.

Three former PayPal workers founded YouTube, a video-sharing service that is now owned by Google. Users could submit and share their videos on the website. Then, viewers can like, subscribe to, rate, and comment on the videos or channels of those they find interesting.

Since its creation, YouTube has had rapid growth, ranking among the most popular websites worldwide. It has emerged as the go-to place for all types of video material, including music videos, news videos, instructional videos, movie trailers, and many others. Due to its popularity, many businesses and media organizations have also established offices there.

Content on YouTube

London made an effect right away by publishing contentious videos, including parodies, comments, and story time. He then discovered that many people were watching him for his funny material, which encouraged him to keep posting these kinds of videos.

Eventually, his passion for professional basketball, especially the National Basketball Association, would characterize the majority of his channel (NBA). One of the four major professional sports in the United States, the NBA is regarded as the best men’s basketball league in the world. Professional basketball players rank among the highest-paid athletes in the world and have achieved independent global fame.

London had the advantage of being quite tall, which made him a good fit for basketball. He began creating various basketball-related challenges, and these types of films would bring in up to a million views each. James Harden and LaMelo Ball, two well-known professional basketball players, have both made cameo appearances due to their renown. Since 2018, his video with James Harden has had over five million views, making it his most well-liked work.

Recent Efforts

Kristopher’s passion for the NBA inspired him to routinely play the computer game “NBA 2K,” which helped him develop into a professional player. Since its inception in 1999, the “NBA 2K” series has been released yearly along with a new NBA season. As a result of its rising popularity and status as one of the top NBA-based professional basketball games, it has evolved into an eSport.

He joined the group 2Hype, which consists of several professional “NBA 2K” players as well as YouTube personalities who enjoy the NBA and playing “NBA 2K,” thanks to his talent and love for both the game and the sport. He continues to post two videos on average every week to his channel, most of which are basketball-related. His films now frequently show 2Hype users participating in basketball-related tasks or playing the sport.

Additionally, they keep making challenge and trickshot videos, which feature basketball games played at trampoline parks. A large number of professional basketball players have been featured on his channel as a result of his popularity and promotion of the NBA video game. He has recently included Giannis Antetokounmpo, Julius Randle, and Trae Young in addition to Harden.

Social media and daily life

It is known about London’s private life that he has been dating Bri Martinez since 2017. She is a model and YouTube personality who frequently appears on his channel. He claims that the two connected immediately after meeting while contacting one another on Twitter since they were both ardent fans of professional basketball.

He still occasionally appears in her channel even if she no longer frequently appears in his. There have been no unfavorable rumors regarding the two, and their relationship appears to be solid.

He maintains a high level of online activity through accounts on social media networks, much like many YouTube personalities. His Twitter account allows him to share some of his daily thoughts as well as promote his videos, as well as frequent articles and news about the NBA.

He also has an Instagram page where he shares a variety of basketball-related images and videos, including himself making dunks. He also occasionally posts images of himself with his fiancée Bri and other 2Hype members. He maintains both of his accounts and posts frequently, frequently in tandem with his YouTube uploads.

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