Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain: How the Internet Reacted to Her New Look

Lana Del Rey’s weight fluctuates a lot, as do people’s reactions to it.

Lana Del Rey is an award-winning singer and songwriter whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Del Rey feels like smokes and Chanel No. 5 as someone who single-handedly gave more substance to The Great Gatsby-themed parties.
Her music evokes a sense of melancholy that is reminiscent of the technicolor of mid-century Americana cinema. With our modern pop sensibility, they’re also easy to dance to.

Her art is, without a doubt, a one-of-a-kind force in the music industry. Her three-octave vocal range has earned her plaudits from critics.
Fans have noticed a shift in her singing, but it’s not just that.

The Weight Gain of Lana Del Rey

The singer began her career a decade ago, and her fans have noticed her weight gain since then. Unfortunately, Del Rey has been a victim of body shaming and fatphobia for the past few years.

While there had been some discussion for a few years, the year 2020 saw the most of it. Del Rey gained ‘quarantine weight’ and gained a few pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic.
As a result, she received a lot of body shaming on social media and in numerous tabloids.

The Daily Mail published paparazzi photos of the musician departing a 7/11 on July 29, 2020. She was dressed in denim shorts, a polo shirt, sunglasses, a cap, and a mask, and had coffee, water, and a brown bag in her hands.

Many users slammed the story in the comments section. They dubbed her “Lana Del Porkchop,” “A linebacker,” and “formed like a fridge,” among other things.
Some commenters also told her she needed to “cover up those thighs” and that she was going through a “fat Jim Morrison phase.” However, the majority of the remarks were aimed at body-shaming her.

u/miaisobella, a Reddit user, defended Del Rey, pointing out that she used to be anorexic and that people should be grateful that this is no longer the case. The singer appeared skinnier than usual in 2010 and 2011, which alarmed many of her admirers.

Del Rey did not specifically state that she was anorexic, although she did mention it in her unreleased song “Boarding School.” The song is a satire on the United States’ boarding school culture.
‘Boarding School’ begins with a lyric on eating problems. “I’m a fan of pro-ana nation, I use those drugs to stop the f-food cravings,” the song’s lyrics say, implying that Del Rey was dealing with an eating disorder, drug addiction, and anorexia.

Lana Del Rey’s Weight Reactions on Twitter

Twitter has become a popular place for people to express themselves. However, it has been used to bully celebrities for a variety of reasons in the past.

Many people have criticized Del Rey for her racist words and tone-deaf actions. However, she has been regularly body-shamed and abused as a result of her weight increase.

Regardless, a large number of fans have defended the singer in this matter.

“lana del rey is no longer 20 years old for her to maintain the same weight she had during her debut era, she’s a grown woman and if she’s happy then that’s the most important thing, so many of your faves have gained weight which is completely normal but looks like for Lana isn’t. — NINA (@NINAlight0) July 29, 2020 “