Larry Mathews

Larry Mathews

Larry Mathews, an American former child actor, rose to notoriety briefly on screen in the 1960s before deciding to leave the industry. After portraying Ritchie Petrie in the CBS sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mathews gained a name for himself in Hollywood, but after the show ended, he decided to focus on his schooling. Later in life, Larry worked as an executive and appeared on TV shows as a guest to discuss his involvement in The Dick Van Dyle Show.

As Ritchie Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show, he became well-known.

Larry Matthews’ career took off when he was cast as Richard Rosebud “Ritchie” Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show, a hit CBS sitcom.

Mathews was just five years old at the time of his casting. As the son of Robert Simpson “Rob” Petrie (played by Dick Van Dyke) and Laura Petrie, he rose to popularity early (played by Mary Tyler Moore).

From October 3, 1961, to June 1, 1966, Mathews starred in all 158 episodes of the hit show, which aired for five seasons. The show received 15 Primetime Emmy Awards out of 25 nominations throughout its run and is regarded as one of the most influential sitcoms of its generation.

Mathews appeared in the 2004 made-for-TV film The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited, as well as in the 1993 made-for-TV film Chairman’s Choice and the 2011 short film A Day in the Life of Plain Jen, in which he repeated his role.

Short Bio of Larry Mathews: Age and Family

Larry Mathews was born Larry Mazzeo in Burbank, California, on August 15, 1955. As of May 2021, he is 65 years old. Mathews’ family history and parents were always a mystery to him. Larry is a citizen of the United States.

He had a private tutor while filming The Dick Van Dyke Show until the series ended in 1966. Following that, the California native would prefer to concentrate on his studies and have a typical childhood. In 1976, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Has a $2 million net worth

Larry Mathews is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million as of May 2021, according to Celebrity Net Worth. A large part of his fortune came from his appearances on the TV show The Dick Van Dyke Show, in which he played Ritchie Petrie, the son of the Petrie family.

His wealth came from his work as a backstage coordinator, which he did in addition to acting.

Mathews was hired in the American Broadcasting Company’s editorial department as a result of his recognition for television work and his executive skills. In the TV programs It’s a Living (1980-81), Benson (1979-81), and Soap (1979-81), the former American actor worked as a post-production manager (1979-81, 32 episodes).

A post-production manager’s income in the United States ranges from $51,728 to $72,719, with an average of $61,929.

What happened to Larry Mathews? Is He a Husband or a Wife?

Larry Mathews, who believes in normalcy, is currently avoiding the media spotlight unless he goes on for interviews. Larry Mathews now lives a quiet and modest existence, a far cry from the celebrity he attained during his prime as a child actor.

Mathews currently resides in the United States with his wife Jennifer.

His personal life is unknown, except that he has been married to his wife Jennifer since 1987. There is no evidence that they ever shared children.

Facts of Larry Mathews
Date of Birth:1955August-15
Age:66 years old
Birth Nation:United States of America
NameLarry Mathews
Birth NameLarry Mazzeo
Birth Place/CityBurbank, California, USA
Net Worth$2 Million
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Married toJennifer (1987 – present)
EducationUniversity of California, Los Angeles
TV ShowThe Dick Powell Theatre, The Dick Van Dyke Show