Laura Hettiger’s And Mark Gdowski’s New Wedding Date And Engagement Details

Laura Hettiger’s And Mark Gdowski’s New Wedding Date And Engagement Details

Laura Hettiger

Laura Hettiger and her fiance, Mark Gdowski, have a new wedding date and engagement details that you should know about now. Also, Find Out Her Age, Income, and Family Life. Laura Hettiger, who is best known as the host of News 4 Great Day, is getting married to her fiance, Mark Gdowski, and is very excited about it. The American traffic reporter had planned to get married on December 31, 2020, but now she wants to get married in March 2019. However, she had to postpone her New Year’s Eve wedding because of “the rising number of COVID cases” and the pandemic, so she had to.

She took to Instagram on August 3, 2020, to tell people that she and her partner had decided to postpone their wedding and set a new date for their wedding. A new date for her wedding: December 31, 2021. “Mark and I are postponing our wedding,” she wrote. The rising number of COVID cases, the fact that there was no vaccine, and the fact that our New Year’s Eve wedding was in the middle of flu season made us decide to just wait. She also said that she and her family were healthy, which was more important at the time. She said, “While I’m sad to have to wait a whole year to marry Mark, I still have a lot to be happy about.” “Because I’m healthy, Mark is fine. Our family is healthy. Our wedding will not put our health at risk.”

Laura Hettiger: birth date, birth place, and early life

There was a lot of love in her Illinois home, where she was born on June 3, 1987, with her parents.¬† In college, she earned a Bachelor of Science in News and Editorial Journalism from the University of Illinois. Later, she got a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the same school.

From the time she was a little girl, she had a thing for interviewing and meeting new people. From seventh grade to high school, Hettiger worked as a journalist. Laura Hettiger  did this because of her love of writing. She worked for the newspaper in her hometown as a writer for the weekly column The Paw Print, which covered news about her junior high school. She did this for a few years.
For US Weekly Magazine and American Cheerleader Magazine, she has worked as an editorial intern and as a freelancer. When she went to school, she also worked as a broadcast intern at the Big Ten Network while she was there. Then in 2008, she helped start a private cheerleader company called “Cheer Unlimited.” She worked as a choreographer there, too.

It costs KMOV-TV Meteorologist Hettiger money.

She didn’t start making a lot of money until 2011. This is how she got the job: She was hired as an editor for WCBD-TV 2.

Her first job was at KMOV-TV, where she was a general assignment reporter for a year. She also won an Emmy for that job in 2012. As a traffic anchor and co-host on Great Day St. Louis at KMOV, she is now at the top of her game. KMOV is thought to pay her an average salary of $70,796 per year. In addition, she has not revealed how much money she makes.

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