Lena Gieseke

Net Worth: $1 million

Lena Gieseke

Lena Gieseke is a 52-year-old Caucasian visual effects artist who was born Helena Gieseke on September 12, 1965, in Bremen, (then) West Germany. She is best known to the world as the (now ex-)wife of the legendary writer, animator, and director Tim Burton. However, she has had personal achievements as a visual effects artist in a variety of films since her career began in the 1980s in the sometimes profitable visual effects arts field.

Lena Gieseke: Early Life and Family

Lena was reared as a single child in the aforementioned city by parents whose names and occupations are unknown. There is no information about her childhood, thus it is uncertain when she became interested in what she does now.

Education Details

According to her education, she left Germany to study in Athens, Greece, where she attended an art high school, matriculated, and then returned to Germany to continue her education. She was already interested in learning photography and other visual arts at this point.

However, Germany did not make the cut when it came to prestigious visual art education, so she moved to England, where she first attended Wimbledon College before deciding that it wasn’t her cup of tea and transferring to Goldsmith College in London, then having another change of heart and finally moving to California, USA, where she studied fine arts and photography at California Institute of Arts, from which she graduated.

Lena Gieseke’s Relationship

Because Lena decided to keep her sex life private, nothing is known about her relationships before and after Tim Burton. Lena Gieseke met while filming the aforementioned “Batmen,” and Tim observed Lena and took an interest in her while she was taking photos on the set.

They dated briefly before marrying in a private ceremony in February 1989. They divorced only two years later, on New Year’s Eve in 1991; it’s claimed that Tim’s personality was too much of a challenge for Lena, and that she filed for divorce because she was aware of his secret relationship with his future public partner Lisa Marie – although she is now a model and actress, she used to be a stripper before dating Tim.

Lena Gieseke Net Worth 2023

Have you ever wondered how wealthy Lena Gieseke is in 2018? According to many credible sources, the current amount of Lena’s amassed wealth is close to $1 million, partly boosted by her triumphs in the entertainment sector, with her experience as the visual effects artist for “2012” making the greatest contribution. As her career progresses, the aforementioned sum could be projected to rise.

Professional Career

It is unknown what occupations she held prior to entering her career, but she was eventually invited as an on-set photographer to Tim Burton’s “Batmen” production in 1989, where she was in the presence of great movie actors such as Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. After that, the trail of her career is lost, and it’s nearly unclear what type of work she had to sustain herself for the next 19 years.

However, it is known that in 2008, she made her 3D art debut in the German comedy film “112 Knights – In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde,” implying that she returned to her home country to continue her career. She was also credited for her 3D work in “Die Jahrhundertlawine” the same year, and in 2009 she had an animation artist credit, as well as a 3D artist credit, and eventually the modeler credit for the famous “2012.” In 2010, she worked on two more films, and in 2011, she worked on four, the most noteworthy of which being “Immortals.” Her career then vanished, and it is unknown what she is doing today.

Body Measurement Of Lena Gieseke

Concerning the professional 3D artist’s physical characteristics, her fame is unfortunately insufficient for any reputable media source to attempt to gather such information. As a result, her vital statistics, height, and weight are unknown, however, her body form was previously described as fit, with light brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Social Media

Because of the significant influence of social media, it is now common for active special effects artists to have a tight and active interaction with their fans in order to increase the popularity of titles they are working on, and thus their own net worth.

However, it appears that Lena is neither active nor a follower of this celebrity trend, as she can be found on none of the prominent social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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