Lewis Howes, the host of the podcast, and his girlfriend Yanet Garcia have moved in together

Yanet Garcia, Lewis Howes’ girlfriend, is one of the most talked-about weather anchors.

Lewis Howes, host of the School of Greatness podcast, has asked various remarkable people to share their self-development advice on his show.

But, in addition to the great brains he interviews on his podcast, the New York Times bestselling author gets inspiration from his girlfriend, Yanet Garcia.

One of Howes’ partners is also a well-known weather anchor.

Garcia and Howes Have a Relationship

Garcia, a former Mexican weather presenter, is currently dating the podcast host.

Garcia worked for Mexican television’s morning show, Hoy, and was dubbed “The World’s Hottest Weather Girl.” In addition, she appeared in the Spanish comedy film Bellezonismo.

Aside from acting and hosting, the 30-year-old host has a YouTube account where she posts entertaining vlogs and training videos. She also works as a model.

After his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, he met Garcia

For the past seven years, Howes had been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. In August 2019, he discussed his breakup with Whitney Miller on a podcast.

He said he felt like he was drowning after his romance ended. Meanwhile, he also emphasized that such trying times will be followed by a new journey and a more gratifying experience.

“There is a new adventure waiting for you and you can be happier, more fulfilled and experience more love than ever before.”

That adventure came in the form of Garcia for Howes.
The former professional football player announced that it had been a year since they met and felt good about each other in an Instagram post on January 17, 2020.

After his latest separation, the 38-year-old entrepreneur revealed that he was not looking for someone since he wanted to be alone for a bit.

Howes was also thankful to have someone like Gracia in his life, who encouraged him to be a better guy every day. “You are a divine being. You came into my life at a time when many others had departed, and you’ve encouraged me to be a better man every day since then “he stated

His girlfriend quit her job to join him in the United States

The Mexican beauty appears to be infatuated with Howes, since she left her role on the Mexican TV show Hoy in December 2019 to join her lover in the United States.
Garcia has yet to marry her entrepreneur lover, but her decision to leave her work demonstrates her commitment to her partner.

Howes and Garcia are currently living together and doing incredibly well in their respective fields. The model is frequently involved in modeling jobs and photoshoots, and the Ohio native routinely conducts his podcast.

Mamacita, the couple’s adorable pomeranian dog, is with them. The celebrity duo manages Mamacita’s Instagram account, which has over 17 thousand followers.