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Lexie Lombard

Lexie Lombard: who is she?

Lexie Lombard is a YouTube celebrity best known for her self-titled channel, which focuses on beauty. She was born on March 15, 1996, in Warrenton, Virginia, in the United States. She publishes videos about fashion and makeup, including numerous series that have aided in her rise to fame. Since 2009, she has been active on the website.

The Net Worth of Lexie Lombard

Just how wealthy is Lexie Lombard? According to accounts, as of the middle of 2019, she had a net worth of over $400,000 thanks to her successful YouTube career. Numerous chances, including sponsorships and teamwork, have come her way as a result of her online celebrity. It is anticipated that as she pursues her goals, her fortune will grow as well.

Childhood and Education

Other than the fact that Lexie was raised in Warrenton and graduated from high school there, nothing little is known about her early years and family. After graduating, she decided to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue her education, enrolling at the Parsons School of Design, one of The New School’s colleges.

The first of its kind in the nation to provide degrees in graphic design, interior design, fashion design, and advertising, it is considered one of the most prominent design schools in the world and consistently ranks at the top in the US. Many of its former students went on to have successful careers as fashion designers, photographers, illustrators, and designers.

She completed an internship there for the New York City-based Milk Makeup brand, which was founded in 2016 by fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and numerous other people. They provide several brands of goods for males, as well as lipsticks, blotting sheets, and other things.

Employer Search

In 2009, when the internet was just starting to become extremely well-known, Lexie started her YouTube account while she was pursuing a job in the cosmetics industry.

Google owns the video-sharing website YouTube. Customers can upload their movies to the service for other customers to view, rate, share, and comment on. Additionally, they can subscribe to users they like. Numerous online personalities known as YouTubers have emerged as a result of the website’s popularity, and several businesses have invested in the service.

It has emerged as the primary repository for video-related information, including blogs, live streaming, documentaries, short films, and video snippets (vlogs) Despite complaints about how the website handles its policy and varied content, users can earn money from the website via the Google AdSense program, which has maintained its great appeal. Following the introduction of her channel, Lexie started to post beauty and lifestyle videos, frequently referencing her way of living. She created tips and videos on different makeup techniques. She also recorded movies with some beauty advice in addition to her stylish hauls.

Content on YouTube

She has added a lot of vlogs depicting her life in recent years in addition to her beauty and lifestyle stuff. She started a series called “Life in NYC” that documents her daily activities in the metropolis. Other series she has to include “What high schoolers wear” and “What your mother doesn’t tell you about.” Although her schedule has been inconsistent owing to work, she uploads numerous movies within a month.

Her channel now has over 400,000 subscribers because of her consistent uploads and engaging content. Her most watched videos are from the “What your mother doesn’t tell you about” series, especially the ones that cover thongs and weight loss. Some of her most popular videos have received over 500,000 views.

What High Schoolers Are Wearing is her second most popular series. Her journey to Spain and a handful of her vlogs from Los Angeles are two of her more well-liked videos. She has spoken about various parts of her life since finishing school in recent months. She also produces reaction videos and question-and-answer sessions, which have recently gained popularity among YouTubers.

Social media and daily life

Since she frequently features her partner on her channel and some of their videos have become some of her most popular ones, it is known that she is in a committed relationship. Additionally, she is good friends with YouTuber Katy Bellotte; the two have worked together on several videos.

Lexie Lombard likes to upload videos to YouTube because it lets her share her knowledge with the world and builds up her resume in case she decides to specialize in the beauty industry in the future.

Lexie Lombard keeps a strong online presence through accounts on social media websites, much as many YouTube personalities do. She regularly publishes images of her daily activities, including her trips to other regions of New York, on her Instagram account, which has more than 125,000 followers.

Lexie Lombard also enjoys an active social life at night and occasionally travels outside of the nation. She tweets some of her everyday reflections on her Twitter account. On that website, she also shares a few pictures and advertises some of her YouTube videos. She has the least active Facebook page, with no recent updates since 2016.

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