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She has not mentioned her net worth as well as body measurement.

Lily Atkinson

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The daughter of comedian Rowan Atkinson is Lily Sastry, formerly known as Lily Atkinson. Lily is well-known for her burlesque dancing and performance singing. She is a successful artist in her own right. Lily started working in the entertainment business as a young artist.

She initially

The daughter of comedian Rowan Atkinson is Lily Sastry,

She later appeared with her father in the films “Johnny English Reborn” and “Mr. Bean’s Holiday.” Despite getting up early, she chose to go against the grain and began studying cabaret.

She soon began doing her solo act in a variety of settings, including the renowned bar The Pheasantry. She was granted her own West End play called “Lily” for two nights after her initial performances were successful and went on to become a tremendous hit.

Lily enjoys singing as well, and she frequently records her performances and uploads them to SoundCloud. She currently performs as a dancer and vocalist, and the media has given her performances positive acclaim.

Lily Atkinson Dating Life (Relationship)

Personal Life Rowan Atkinson, a well-known actor, and makeup artist Sunetra Sastry welcomed their daughter Lily sometime around 1995.

Benjamin Atkinson, her elder brother, is a lawyer. After her parent’s divorce and it became known that Rowan Atkinson had begun seeing someone much younger, Lily made the decision to adopt her mother’s last name.

Since Lily lives a very quiet life, it is unknown if she is in a relationship. Lily enjoys watching dance performances and listening to music, especially R&B and pop.

Trivia Sastry is a major fan of classic music, and Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin are her musical role models. She adores Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Frank Ocean right now.

Professional Career

Lily Sastry started her career in show business when she was quite young. She was cast in the 2004 children’s film “Tooth” in the role of the “New Recruit.”

Later, she appeared in supporting roles with her well-known father in the films “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” (2007) and “Johnny English Reborn” (2011). Lily wanted to work toward her goal of being a performance artist despite having a head start in the film industry.

She enjoyed singing and frequently composed the melody for her own songs. She eventually recorded these songs in a studio with the help of her father and released them to SoundCloud. She started learning cabaret at the same time.

Following her introduction to cabaret, Lily made the decision to begin appearing in large settings. The Pheasantry, a well-known club in London, was her first choice, and all of the seats for her solo performance were taken.

She quickly rose to fame as a performer after receiving numerous positive reviews for her burlesque show. She was then spotted performing her skit with a full band during her two-night West End play. This too was a huge success.

At London’s renowned St. James Theatre, she gave the same performance again. The critics praised her seductive jazz performances as “new” and “strong.” Since that day, Lily hasn’t needed to look back. She still hosts her performances currently all over the nation.

Social Media

Lily, like many other millennials, frequently uploaded photos to Instagram as a normal user. After her parents’ divorce, she made the decision to pursue a digital detox, and she canceled her Instagram account. Her Twitter account is still hardly ever utilized. Regarding her personal life, she still maintains her reserve.

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