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She has a net worth of more than $3 million

Liz Bonnin

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Elizabeth Bonnin was born on September 16, 1976, in Paris, France, and is a television host and biologist. Throughout her career, she has presented various television programs, including “Bang Goes the Theory,” “Stargazing Live,” and “Top of the Pops.”

Early Life

Liz’s ancestors are Trinidadian, Indian, Portuguese, and French-Martinique. Her father was a dentist, and when she was nine years old, her family relocated to Ireland, where she grew up with an older sister and was very close to her grandmother. She enrolled in Trinity College, Dublin, after graduating from high school, to pursue a degree in biochemistry. She continued her education at the Royal Veterinary College and the Zoological Society of London after graduating, earning a degree in Wild Animal Biology.

Liz Bonnin tracked tigers in Nepal for the Royal Veterinary College and worked on various big cat conservation programs at the Zoological Society throughout her tenure there. She began her career in entertainment as a member of the girl pop group Chill, who played at various events and secured a record deal with Polydor before disbanding, therefore she never actually released any music. She was then approached about hosting the IRMA Awards, which launched her career as a host.


Bonnin began her career with the Irish network RTE Television, where she hosted a variety of shows such as “Millennium Eve: Celebrate 2000,” “Telly Bingo,” “The Den,” and “Off the Rails,” which she co-hosted for two years with Fiona McShane. The show is a fashion magazine program that she eventually departed in 2002 to pursue bigger prospects in London. She went on to become one of the hosts of the Channel 4 breakfast show “RI: SE.” During the same year, she became a regular host of “Top of the Pops,” a music chart show that broadcast on the BBC, and she became popular enough to be a prominent element of British popular culture.

She collaborated with Paul Burstow, BBC “Newsround” presenter Lizzie Greenwood, DJ Becky Jago, and Ivan Henderson in 2004 to develop RSPCA Week, which raises awareness about animal abuse. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which actively examines issues affecting animal welfare, is hosting the fundraiser event.

Liz began participating in more science-oriented shows in 2005. During this year, she became the presenter of “Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets,” which led to her four years later being the co-presenter of the BBC series “Bang Goes the Theory.” Regarding scientific theory, the show takes a hands-on approach, providing insight into how science influences the world around us. She stayed with the show for the next five years, as well as worked on the documentary “Science Friction,” which examined taboos and their relationship to diverse scientific issues.

She also became a contributor to the BBC Two show. In 2010, she took over as anchor of “Autumnwatch,”. She also hosted segments of “Stargazing Live,” an annual program. She also hosted the BBC One program “Egypt’s Lost Cities.”

Net Worth

Liz Bonnin’s net worth is unknown. According to sources, she has a net worth of more than $3 million as of late 2018. Her primary hosting assignments are in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It is projected that her wealth would increase as she advances in her job.

Relationship Status

In terms of her personal life, little is known about Bonnin’s romantic connections. Liz Bonnin has been to other parts of the world. She stated that the most challenging part of returning home is transitioning back to city life. Especially if one has come from a less hectic environment. Therefore she frequently spends time in parks to help her acclimatize better upon returning to London. She also mentioned that FHM approached her about doing a spread, but she declined. She serves as a role model for EDF Energy’s Pretty Curious program, which encourages girls to study science in school.

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