Lloyd Sy Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Family

He is still in school and has yet to find a career or a job in his life.

Lloyd Sy

Lloyd Sy Bio

Lloyd Sy is a Rockford native who has been featured on Jeopardy. He became the show’s new champion after defeating the 13-day game winner, Ray Lalonde, a scenic artist from Canada who earned $386,400 in 13 days. Lloyd, a 28-year-old young adult, won the show in his debut appearance on Tuesday (3rd January 2023). While on stage, he was surrounded by friends and family who were watching him on television. He describes his journey as one that has taught him to appreciate his Rockford roots. Lloyd, the current champion, defeated or dethroned Ray Lalonde, the 13-day champion.

Early Life, Age, Parents

Larry and Esther Sy, his proud parents, raised him at the age of 28. He is barely four months away from finishing his doctorate in English literature. He is currently a student at the University of Virginia. He previously studied English and computer science at Brown University after graduating from Auburn in 2012. He finished his education at Martin Luther King School.

“I’m a Ph.D. student in the English department in my sixth year…..

I’m working on a dissertation…. That brings us to the Indians of American literature… and researching nineteenth-century examinations.”

Lloyd Sy enjoys watching movies and television shows, and his favorite of all time is “Chinatown.” Another unexpected choice for him is “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Lloyd Sy’s Professional Career

He is still in school and has yet to find a career or a job in his life. We will update this area as soon as the information is available.

Journey to Jeopardy

Lloyd auditioned for the Jeopardy game show in July 2022. To beat the other contestants, he had to go through numerous online tests, zoom tests, mock test games, and other tests. Then, by the end of October 2022, he made a major cut and was ultimately asked to film the episode in mid-November. He tried out for adolescent Jeopardy while still in high school but was unsuccessful.

Years later, he was inspired to apply for the same during his Ph.D. studies. He was invited to appear and film an episode in Los Angeles after passing multiple trivia rounds and preliminary questions testing. Lloyd overcame the other two contestants on Tuesday (3rd January 2023), walking away with $24,490 and extra possibilities to win more money in comping-up rounds or games.

Lloyd Sy Relationship

Lloyd Sy is a doctoral student at the moment. He has yet to marry, and we wish him luck that the same way he won on the stage, he would also win in his love or marriage life.

Social Media

There is little evidence that Lloyd Sy is active on social media platforms. The young man has spent much of his life surrounded by books and libraries.

Lloyd Sy Salary and Earnings

Lloyd Sy is a PhD student, and while he may receive funding for his research based on his studies, we doubt it! Whatever it is, he is well supported financially by his parents and their family.

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