London King Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Ethnicity, Relationship

Her net worth, acquired from success in her many efforts, at $400,000 as of mid-2022.

London King

Do you know Who is London King?

In addition to being a former model and actress, London King was also the ex-wife of actor and comedian Rob Schneider and the mother of singer-songwriter Elle King. She was born in Wellstone, Ohio, in 1970.

London King Net worth, Earnings

London King’s wealth, how much? Sources have her net worth, acquired from success in her many efforts, at $400,000 as of mid-2018. Her relationship with Rob Schneider, who is thought to have a net worth of $15 million, has likely contributed to the increase in her net worth. It is anticipated that as she pursues her goals, her fortune will grow as well.

London King: Early Life and Family

From a young age, London wanted to work in the entertainment world as an actress. Although she had a sibling growing up, little is known about her early years and activities as an adult. She also had a relationship before her first marriage, which resulted in the birth of a son in 1986, but no more details have been made public. She is known to have met Rob Schneider in Las Vegas in 1988. Three days after their meeting, they got married there in an impromptu ceremony. A year later, they welcomed a daughter.

Rob and her short-lived marriage ended in divorce in 1990. Her ex-husband afterward got married again, the first time to Helena Schneider in 2002, a union that lasted three years. After that, in 2011, he wed television producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce, with whom he has two children.

Although she would occasionally visit her father, London and Rob’s daughter would spend the majority of her childhood with her mother. She was motivated to pursue her aspirations by London and decided to become a musician. Elle then started a career as a singer, songwriter, and actress. She is well known for her musical style, which combines elements of the blues, rock, soul, and country genres. Her song “Playing for Keeps” was used as the theme for the television show “Move Wives Chicago,” and she has been nominated for two Grammy Awards for her hit “Ex’s & Oh’s.” She has also shared the stage with many well-known musicians.

Professional Career

Despite their relationship coming to an abrupt end, King persisted in her pursuit of a job in the entertainment business. She started as a model and was in several television ads. She ultimately found acting employment thanks to her exposure, and the majority of her prominent roles were in the early 2000s. London King made her acting debut in Scott Wiper’s film “A Better Way to Die,” which follows a Chicago police officer who leaves the force but still feels threatened by the Mafia.

She was given the role of Jade in the comedy “Raw Fish” the following year, sharing the screen with Brooke Butterfield, Marjorie Campbell, and Robert Flanagan. London King was chosen to play Ruby Jenkins in the 2002 movie “The Calling,” which starred Susan Sarandon and Gil Bellows and was based on the book of the same name by Michael Redhill, who wrote it under the pen name Ash Wolfe. King, though, made fewer and fewer acting appearances before quitting acting completely. Many believed she chose the time to concentrate on other projects because the acting was not going well for her.

London King: Early Life and Family

Although there hasn’t been much coverage of London’s endeavors since she stopped acting, she has moved past her connection with Schneider. She began dating singer Justin Tesa in the interim, and the two were wed in 2000. Their nuptials were documented on social media.

Social Media

King spends a lot of time on the social media platform Instagram, where she primarily shares photos of her daily activities as well as images of herself attending events and traveling to different places. She frequently poses beside her hubby as well. On other websites like Facebook and Twitter, there are a lot of other persons with the name London King, but they are not connected to her in any way. Her ex-husband and daughter are both active users of social media, and Elle occasionally makes an appearance in some of London’s posts. Additionally, they are active on Facebook and Twitter.

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