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Lorena Medina

Do you know Who is Lorena Medina?

Having been born on January 8, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, under the sign of the Capricorn, Lorena Medina is an established model who is pursuing a career as an actress.

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Childhood and Education

Being one of the most reclusive persons in the modeling business, Lorena spent her entire life in Los Angeles with her parents and siblings. Despite this, she never speaks publicly about them. She reportedly had a typical childhood and had no intention of becoming a model; it just sort of happened.

After graduating from a local high school in Los Angeles, Lorena made the decision to concentrate on her modeling career rather than going to college.

Her Beginning of a Modeling Career

One could argue that the minute Lorena started her Instagram account, her career officially began. In April 2013, she posted some of her very first professional photos online. As her popularity increased, modeling agencies became aware of her and got in touch with her, which is how Lorena’s modeling career got started. After her debut session, more and more clients requested Lorena as their model, and she gradually established a reputation in the modeling world.

She is currently represented by Elite Model Management Miami and made an appearance in the January and February 2018 issues of “Playboy.” She is also associated with No Ties Management, which has connections to some well-known figures in the modeling world like Nathan Niehaus, Bryana Holly, and Nick Hargrove.

Lorena has also made a few modest appearances in films and TV shows, although primarily in supporting roles.

Miami Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management, a modeling firm formed in 1977 by John Casablancas in New York City, is credited with coining the phrase “Supermodel.” It is one of the most well-known and reputable agencies in the US and has aided several well-known figures in the field in becoming household names, including Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Gisele, Uma, Heidi, and Amber.

Elite Model, which has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto and is connected to numerous other agencies all over the world, is dedicated to assisting its models in developing their abilities and talents.

Other Preferences and Pursuits

In addition to being a well-known model, Lorena is also interested in acting. She has made a few tiny appearances in films and TV shows but hasn’t yet attracted much attention; she still aspires to break into the movie business. She is also an excellent singer, at least according to her friends, but she chose not to make singing her career.

You may see images from the seas and deserts on Lorena’s Instagram account. She likes to travel, and her modeling career allows her to visit practically everywhere she wants in the world. Lorena Medina is a big animal lover but doesn’t care much for sports. She would love to have a dog as a pet but doesn’t currently have the time to care for one. Lorena Medina enjoys shopping, like the majority of other models, but wouldn’t describe herself as a shopaholic.

Relationships Status

Regarding her romantic relationships, Lorena has kept quiet. It is unknown if she is seeing anyone right now, but based on her Instagram account, where she has never shared a photo of herself with a man, it would seem that she is not. It was once rumored that Lorena was dating one of the famous photographers, but who and when hasn’t been confirmed.

Lorena is supposed to be a lesbian as well because she has never posted a photo with a man and some people claim to have seen her kissing a female acquaintance. Lorena hasn’t verified any of this, but she also hasn’t refuted the rumors. There are two things we can be certain of: neither Lorena nor her children have ever been married.

Net worth and Body Measurement

At the moment, Lorena is 27 years old. She is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, weighs about 114 pounds (52 kg), has brown hair and eyes, and her vital signs are 32-24-34. She wears size 2 dresses and 7 shoes.

Expert sources believe that Lorena’s present net worth is above $200,000 and is steadily increasing as a result of her modeling career.

Social Media

It appears that Lorena is not among the popular models on social media, despite the fact that most well-known models are. She exclusively manages her Instagram account, “itslorenamedina,” which has more than 640 photos and is followed by about 85,000 users. She doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account.

Additionally, she maintains a website that more closely resembles a portfolio and on which you can view some of her photos, read about her, or get in touch with her if you have any inquiries or recommendations.

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