Married Couple Ashley Dougherty & Husband How to

Ashley Dougherty is one lucky woman who gets to live a successful…Ashley got engaged to the love of her life…She had announced her engagement to her fans through Instagram where she posted a collage of pictures showing…the couple finally got married and walk down the aisle in…

Ashley Dougherty

When Ashley Dougherty is on Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 This Morning and At Noon, she is a meteorologist who talks about the weather. At WTRF in Wheeling, W.Va., in 2008, she started her job as a meteorologist. She worked her way up and came to WTAE in 2012. As of right now, she is a meteorologist for WTAE, and she works there now. Her other job is to be an animal advocate, which means that she talks about animal abuse and works with animal shelters to find homes for dogs and cats who need them.

 Ashley Dougherty’s Bio

Ashley Dougherty’s birthday on the 14th of April every year. She is from Wampum, which is in Lawrence County. This is how she grew up: with Chris and Juston. She thinks she’s short when she talks about her height. However, her height and weight are still unknown. Furthermore, there is still no more information about her family.

There was only one girl on the men’s golf team at Mohawk High School, and Ashley was that only girl. At some point in the future, she was also able to get into the top 10 in the Pennsylvania Scholarship Pageant. As soon as Ashley finished high school, she went to Bethany College in West Virginia and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communication. This is what Ashley did after she finished high school. When she was done, she got her broadcast meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

Ashley Dougherty changed  Engaged Life into a Married Life

Ashley Dougherty is a very lucky person because she has both a good job and a good relationship with her husband. Dougherty got engaged to the love of her life, Bobby, on September 1st, 2017, and they have been together ever since. It was through Instagram that she told her fans that she was getting married. She put together a collage of pictures that showed her engagement ring, a glass of champagne and her dog Bubba.

In August of 2018, the couple finally got married and walked down the aisle together for real. With the help of Bumbleburgh Events, it was a well-planned wedding that went off without a hitch. Then, let’s Find Out. Pay for Ashley Dougherty

Net Worth of Ashley Dougherty

As Ashley has worked at WTAE for almost eight years and counting, we can assume that she has made a lot of money over the years. Meteorologists work for WTAE TV, and they make an average of $61,961 a year. The top earners make more than $72,721, and the middle earners make between $56,205 and $67. This means that we can figure out how much money she makes. It’s about $65,345.