Matt Sohinki

Matt Sohinki

Do you know Who is Matt Sohinki?

In the United States, Matt Sohinki is a well-known social media figure. Matt Sohinki is a YouTube player and video game enthusiast from the United States. He used to be a part of the YouTube channel ‘Smosh Games.’

Quick Facts: Matt Sohinki

Full Name:Matt Sohinki
Age:34 years
Birthday:29 Aug
Dating:Julia Stone
Net Worth:N/A
Sibling:Two brothers

Matt Sohinki: Early Life and Family

Matt Sohinki is 33 years old and was born on August 29, 1987. His astrological sign is Virgo. Similarly, Matt was born in California, United States of America, and is a citizen of the United States. He is also of Jewish origin and the Caucasian race. He also believes in Christianity. Matt hasn’t shared much information regarding his family history. In contrast, his father appeared in a special video that he shared on his YouTube page. His parents also now live in Virginia. Matt, like Jonathan and Daniel, has two brothers.

Matt is fluent in German in addition to English. Similarly, he enjoys red pandas and has admitted that he routinely googles them and feels better gazing at them. Another intriguing fan writes and kicks with his left hand. He does, however, practically everything else with his right hand. On the other hand, is a big gamer who likes to play online games. Matt is also a Syracuse University graduate.

Matt Sohinki Net worth, Earnings

He is a well-known social media figure and online gamer. He was also a previous member of Smosh Games. Similarly, Matt has achieved great success throughout his career. However, no information on his actual net worth or any other pertinent information is available in the media.

Matt Sohinki Dating Life (Relationship)

Matt is a heterosexual man who is married to Julia Stone. He is dating Julia Stone, a writer, and comedian. Similarly, she is a co-producer and co-host of ‘The Bad Mouth Show,’ a standup comedy.

How Tall is Matt Sohinki? Weight, Hair Color

There is no information in the media concerning his bodily dimensions, such as height, weight, and vital statistics. Matt has a cheerful and modest demeanor. Similarly, he has a light complexion, blonde hair, and appealing hazel eyes.

Professional Career

  • Matt began his YouTube career with the game channels Clevver Games and ‘Mahalo Games in 2010. Similarly, he joined the ‘Smosh Games’ in September 2012, among other online players such as David Moss and Joshua Ovenshire. Matt also hosted multiple Smosh Channel game programs after competing in the Smosh Games.
  • Matt rose to fame as a game show presenter rapidly. In addition, his presenting technique became unrivaled, setting him apart from other gaming broadcasters. As a comedian, Matt usually added comic elements to his videos. He did, however, leave the Smosh games in August 2017.
  • Following that, Matt and Lasercorn co-founded the YouTube channel ToasterGhost,’ together with two other YouTubers, Amy Lynn and Pamela Horton. Similarly, he shares current and unique gaming stuff for video game lovers on this channel.
  • Even though he has left the Smosh channel, Matt, along with Lasercorn, occasionally appears on it.
  • Matt also has a self-titled channel named ‘Sohinki,’ which he started on October 6, 2012, and has 403k subscribers.
  • On this channel, he has videos that feature odd gameplay and hilarious material. Similarly, Matt’s channel has 169 videos with 15 million views. In addition, his most popular video on YouTube is named ‘THE LUCKIEST I’VE EVER GOTTEN IN HEARTHSTONE (HYPERBOLE).’ On December 10, 2014, he released the video, which has gotten 1 million views.

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