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Max Stanley

Do you know Who is Max Stanley?

Max Stanley is a well-known online personality from Australia who is most known for his work as a YouTube comedian and for the roughly three million subscribers he now has to his official channel maxmoefoe.

His other channels, including maxmoefoePokemon, maxmoefoetwo, and maxmoefoegames, are also well-known.

Max Stanley: Early Life and Family

On August 10, 1993, in Perth, Western Australia, where he spent much of his youth, Max Stanley was born under the sign of Leo. He is of Caucasian heritage and Australian nationality.

Except for the claim that his parents allegedly abandoned him at a young age, no further private information about his family’s history or his parents has ever been made public. Additionally, no information regarding Max’s educational history has been made public so far.

Professional Career

Max started on the road to fame in November 2007 when he created the maxmoefoe YouTube channel, but it took him another year to start posting any videos to it. He then started consistently posting numerous skits and prank movies, which over time started to build a following and more and more views. Over the course of the following ten years, he concentrated on publishing “crazy but thrilling” video content, which was full of challenges and prank calls and earned him the title of YouTube comedian. Max’s YouTube channel is well-known nowadays for its interesting, original, and humorous content.

It currently has approximately 150 videos with more than 280 million views, and three million subscribers constantly follow it. Deadly Twister, with over 10 million views, Edward Watermelon-hands, with 7.9 million views, and “The Ramen Off – (Feat. FilthyFrank & HowToBasic),” with over 7.6 million views, are some of Max Stanley’s most well-liked videos to this day.

In addition, Max started a second channel in December 2011 with the simple name maxmoefoetwo. This channel features bloopers, cut sequences, and vlogs, and it currently has over 1.7 million subscribers and has had over 172.7 million views. Two more YouTube channels, maxmoefoePokemon, which is entirely devoted to the Pokémon franchise and has amassed over a million subscribers, and maxmoefoegames, which is devoted to video games and has so far attracted more than 1.6 million subscribers and over 290 million views, round out his professional portfolio.

Max Stanley is a founder member of a group called “The Shrimpton Boys,” along with three of his friends and fellow YouTubers Idubbz, Dolan Därk, and Filthy Frank. However, “what the group is or what it implies is a complete mystery,” and its name is an allusion to the 2014 comedic drama film “Chef.”


In July 2012, Max made headlines after he prank-called a collision repair facility nicknamed “Lord of the Dings.” He and the man on the other end of the line got into an explosive argument that was filled with numerous insults after mistaking it for a “porno store.” The episode’s epilogue revealed that the shop owner had reported Max to the police, while Max had wound up on 9News Australia.

Later that year, Max posted a video of himself pretending to be a 13-year-old girl on the well-known free chat platform Omegle, which ultimately revealed him to be a pedophile. Shortly after, YouTube removed the video and flagged its content as offensive while also issuing a two-week suspension to maxmoefoe.

How Tall is Max Stanley? Weight, Hair Color

He has a lean and toned build and is 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters) tall. His weight is approximately 158 pounds (72 kg). Max is also active on several other well-known social media platforms, including Instagram, where his official profile @maxmoefoeofficial currently has over 560,000 admirers and followers, and Twitter, where his account @maxmoefoe is followed by over 640,000 people.

In terms of Max Stanley’s personal life, it has been made known that he had a romantic involvement with Xantia Jamieson in the past, but that he is currently committed to Katharine Foxx.

He also keeps a Shiba Inu named Kevin and a cat named Kyo as pets. In addition, Stanley had started selling his brand of clothing.

Max Stanley Net worth, Earnings

Ever wonder how much money this well-known Australian YouTuber has amassed so far? How wealthy is Max Stanley? Maxmoefoe is thought to have a net worth of around $1 million as of mid-2019, according to sources. He amassed this wealth through his work in the digital world and the enormous amount of fame he attained through his YouTube activities.

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